CleanSpace(R) Basement Wall Barriers

Crawl space with CleanSpace installed

Upgrade your basement with our mold-resistant, attractive vapor basement wall barriers. See how this product can help your home. Upgrade your basement walls with our mold-resistant, attractive vapor barrier.

What It Does

CleanSpace(R) Wall is a 100% waterproof plastic vapor barrier that's perfect for unfinished basement walls. With a 25-year warranty for wear and tear, it's durable, washable, and has anti-microbial protection called UltraFresh built right in!

CleanSpace(R) is pliable enough to cover uneven surfaces and irregular walls, including areas with large rocks or similar obstacles. Additionally, it's a great way to prevent humidity from making its way through your concrete walls and into your basement. The plastic vapor barrier is used in conjunction with your perimeter clog-free WaterGuard drainage system. CleanSpace(R) will divert any water intrusion through the wall Into your drainage system, which flows over to your TripleSafe sump pump system.

When finishing your basement, you want the peace of mind knowing the area behind your drywall is dry. Drywall and studs are susceptible to mold and mildew. Spaces between your drywall and foundation wall are known as a microenvironment and lack airflow. Due to water vapors coming through your foundation wall and lack of airflow, these environments are likely to have issues. CleanSpace(R) wall vapor barrier system will prevent these issues.

Installation Time

CleanSpace(R) installs quickly, with most installations taking a day or less. Our crews are incredibly efficient and can work in areas as little as four feet wide. The CleanSpace(R) wall vapor system is ideal for sites that contain a cluster of electrical conduits, plumbing pipes, outlets, water lines and pipe penetrations coming through your foundation wall. It is also mechanically fastened to ensure a tight clean look to your wall. If your wall is not perfectly straight or has rigid edges, our crew can still install CleanSpace(R) efficiently. Once the installation is complete, your basement will be ready to use immediately.

What if my Basement is Finished?

Thrasher's expert design specialists can walk you through installing clean space with the most minimal amount of disruption to your finished home areas. This way, we can still protect your basement and give you the peace of mind and protection you desire.

Advantages to a CleanSpace(R) Wall Installation

Unlike paint and materials that adhere to the walls, CleanSpace(R) Wall is mechanically attached to your basement walls with plastic drilled-in fasteners so it will never fall off the wall. CleanSpace(R) Wall will never chip, peel, or flake away from the concrete as paints and sealants will. Your paint flakes and "waterproofing" paints don't work due to the stack effect of the home. The "stack effect" is when warm air moves upward in a building. This happens in summer and winter but is most pronounced in the winter because indoor-outdoor temperature differences are the greatest. There is no way to stop the air movement/water vapors that diffuse through concrete walls; therefore, we must divert it. Any water seepage coming through the wall will be directed down into your drainage system. The Waterguard drainage system is specifically designed to allow water to flow down the wall Into a clog-free channel.

CleanSpace(R) is more than just a wall system- it's also a great way to cover large boulders or dirt sections of basement walls and floors. How about the bubbling and flaking paint. What about the white chalking substance on walls? What is that? Most likely, it is efflorescence. Efflorescence is the migration of a salt to the surface of a porous material, where it forms a coating. The essential process involves the dissolving of an internally held salt in water or occasionally in another solvent. With the salt now contained in the solution, the water migrates to the surface, then evaporates, leaving a coating of the salt. This is a good sign you have an abundant amount of water vapors coming into your basement. This is not good, especially if you are planning on finishing your basement.

If you don't like your basement the way it is now, but you don't know what you can do to upgrade it, this is the waterproofing product for you! CleanSpace(R) Wall is the best way to fix those unsightly basement walls, take advantage of its bright white appearance. And because it creates a vapor barrier on the walls, your waterproof basement will be ready for finishing should you decide to upgrade in the future!

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