Job review from in Schleswig, IA 51461

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5  out of 5

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am age 87 and well aware of my propensity to complain frequently and to compliment insufficiently. I hope this letter, deserving as it is to you, will begin a trend in the opposite direction, namely of complimenting more than I complain. If it does, I will be even more grateful to your crew than I am able to express in this letter because it will mean that I have had the extreme good fortune of having to deal with service performed by more wonderful people like your crew, than the other variety of which I have seen in the past and have had more than my share. It is difficult for me to sufficiently express my feelings of gratitude for service exceptionally well performed in every respect by your crew who fixed our basement Wednesday, April 23rd. I have had a lot of work done by a lot of people in the course of my lifetime, but I have never been more pleased than I was throughout the experience I had with your company and particularly your crew. What a wonderful world this would be if all people in business would perform as you managed to do. Your people were prompt, capable, efficient, courteous, skillful, neat and pleasant in every respect. As your crew was well aware, although we had an appointment to have the work done on June 13, because they had "free" time, they were willing to do it when they did, even though that did not leave me the time I needed to get my stepson to move the many things we have in our basement which I knew would be in their way and which neither my wife nor I have the strength to move before they got here. Although I expressed that thought to your equally courteous and cheerful receptionist who called to make the Wednesday appointment, when they did come, and I told them that I would probably involve at least 2 people an hour or more to get those things out of the way, it did not phase them in the slightest and they took on the task without the slightest hesitation and did a wonderful job in what I considered to be an unbelievable short period of time and left our basement cleaner than it was when they arrived. I read your folder which indicates that you claim to have the "highest level of personal and professional service" and further state that your product and people perform to the highest standard. It goes on to say in part and another important reason for that is that you take the time to make working with you a positive experience. Normally, when I read language like that in a professional folder, I take it with a grain of salt and think that perhaps it might be "puffing" a bit. In your case, I find that it was a modest statement of fact which, if anything was an understatement. As indicated above, I have had done for me substantial construction work over the course of my lifetime by various contractors and have been blessed with having some very excellent ones, even before this experience. I believe that a number of them were at the very top of the highest standards in the industry and I believe that you are among the best of them. I congratulate you and thank you!

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