Job review from in Ravenwood, MO 64479

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5

The Thrasher rep (Trevor) was more than happy to make the 2 hour trip from Omaha to talk to me about my foundation. After looking at the pictures of my crawl space and discussing the foundation issues with him, I realized that the crawl space was a more urgent problem, with mold starting to develop and high humidity. I made an appointment for Thrasher to install the crawl space system to stop the mold and keep the area dry. I'm glad that Trevor was willing to spend so much time in that tight crawl space so that this problem could be fixed. The technicians who installed the system were very polite, clean, and they worked non-stop to get the work done as quickly as possible. I feel like I did the right thing to prevent rot in the floor joists and to keep the air in my home free of mold.

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