A friend, neighbor or family member mentions that they are thinking about getting some repairs made to their home. You’re a Thrasher customer and are happy to relate your experience. We’re honored that you recommended us and we’re glad to reward you for the effort!

At Thrasher Foundation Repair, our purpose is to Redefine our Industry by providing a remarkable customer experience. Unfortunately, these days, when most homeowners think about hiring a contractor to do work in their home, they automatically expect that there will be issues and the experience will not be remarkable. 

Things like not showing up on time, not following through with what they said they would do, being over budget, not starting and finishing on time, and not cleaning up after themselves are all too common experiences that homeowners receive when working with a contractor. Here at Thrasher Foundation Repair, we think that is ridiculous, and we want to prove that more is possible for the customer experience.

Providing a redefining customer experience all begins with our employees. That is why here at Thrasher Group, we invest heavily in creating relationships, growing and developing, and providing an employment experience that our employees deserve. We are a family! When our employees are proud of the company they work for and are fulfilled in the work they are doing, they will provide a remarkable experience to our customers!

Every year, when it comes to helping new customers, the largest % of these new customers come from referrals from satisfied Thrasher Foundation Repair customers. We know that if we create a remarkable customer experience for every customer, we will get the opportunity to do the same for more and more customers in all of the communities we serve.

To ensure we create this remarkable experience for our customers, we have specific things we do to ensure that we provide the best experience possible for each customer.

Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Training:  Here at Thrasher Foundation Repair, we believe in growing and developing our employees to give them the necessary tools to provide the customer with a remarkable experience. We have a training and development team to build the training materials and train our employees on the Thrasher Foundation Repair Way. Also, each of our managers' number one job is to walk alongside our employees by providing training and development for them.  

We belong to the most extensive foundation repair and basement waterproofing network in the world. We partner with our foundation repair contractors worldwide to create the best tools, products, and experiences for our customers. Both networks provide training and development that we can utilize to continue to grow and develop.

System Design Specialist and Production weekly meetings. 

Each week, the System Design Specialist reviews each project for the week with the production team. The System Design Specialist will review pictures, the proposal, and any other special notes to set the customer and the production team up for success.  

Project reviews, updates, and walkthroughs:  It is essential for us to keep customers informed throughout their project and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Before the project begins, the Team Leader reviews the project with the customer. Throughout the project, the Team Leader will also provide updates to the project, ensure the customer understands how the solutions work, and to answer any questions. Also, at the end of the project, the Team Leader walks through the finished project with the customer to ensure the customer is satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction Calls:  At the end of every project, we call the customer to ensure they are delighted with their project and answer any questions. 

If the customer has any questions that we can't answer over the phone, we will send someone else back to the house to make sure we get the answers for the customer.

How Does It Work?

If someone you send our way books a project with us, we’ll take $100 off their project. Not only that, but we’ll also send some appreciation your way, too. After the sales appointment is complete, we’ll send you $50! Or, if you want to book another job with Thrasher, we’ll triple your bonus and apply $150 towards your project. At Thrasher Foundation Repair, we’re honored to be the contractor of choice for so many homeowners throughout Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. If you had a remarkable experience with us, we’d love for you to recommend our services to your friends, family and neighbors. Complete the form on this page and we’ll get in touch with them. Or, make sure they say, “I’ve been referred to Thrasher by a friend” so they can receive their bonus and you receive yours.

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We’re proud of our A+ rating from the BBB (and, an Integrity Award.). We consistently earn high marks from sites like Angie’s List, and have hundreds of positive reviews from customers, like you. But what really reassures a potential customer, is for them to hear how much you liked our work. Someone they already know, like and trust. It’s really helpful to have the recommendation of a friend. It saves them the time of searching for reputable vendors and the aggravation of hiring one that might be less-than-great. And now, it saves them money, too.