Water in the Basement in Salina, KS

Water kept coming into Sharalyn's basement. No matter what she did, for several years, she could not fix this on her own. With plans to give her home to her daughter, Sharalyn wanted to get to the root cause, so her daughter's family didn't have to deal with it. She wanted a long-term solution, not a quick fix. So she called Thrasher. System Design Specialist, AJ Lavoie, went out to her home to inspect and found Sharalyn had water coming in through a crack in the basement wall. This was a sign of deflection, where the wall moves inward due to hydrostatic pressure from outside soil. 

We were able to help Sharalyn with PowerBrace to stabilize the wall in her home permanently. We also used WaterGuard to remove the headache of water coming into her basement. And then lastly, we installed our SuperSump Plus to make sure water was being directed away from her home.

Sharalyn was so happy with the final result. And more importantly, she was glad she didn't have to deal with water in her basement anymore.

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