Waterproofing to Finish Basement in Augusta, KS

This homeowner was excited for her family to move in. She planned to finish her basement so that they could have their own space in her home, however during the heavy rains, water was actively creeping into her basement. After looking into our company's reputation, she decided to give us a call to fix her basement water problem.

We sent Service Technician Andrew Davis to inspect the problem and come up with a solution to fit this homeowner's basement. Andrew determined that water had been seeping in through the floors and he knew just how to fix it. He worked with his team and installed WaterGuard Interior Drainage System and CleanSpace Basement Wall Vapor Barrier to keep water out of this homeowner's basement.

The homeowner was very happy with the final product. She was quite impressed with how quickly and professionally it was installed, and she can't wait to finish her basement. Check our her basement transformation!

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