Waterproofing in Lincoln, NE

This homeowner noticed some water seeping through the cold joint and did not want to start having water damage. They attempted a quick fix of grading, landscaping, and outdoor waterproofing, but as soon as it happened again, they knew they needed something else to fix it. They knew of Thrasher and knew they could trust us to provide them with a permanent solution. They knew the quality would be worth the cost and that it would be done right the first time. One of our System Design Specialists, Tony, found water had penetrated the basement through the cold joints, just as the homeowner thought. Although they fixed what they could on the outside, water was still seeping through. After looking into options, we proposed to do CleanSpace on the walls, and WaterGuard in the same area on the ground. CleanSpace is our plastic, waterproof seal that is applied to the walls. It will collect any water that is coming through the cold joints, as well as any water from the block walls that may seep through. This will trickle down to our WaterGuard system, that will direct the water to a sump pump, to push it out and away from the home. The homeowner was very pleased with how everything was installed and how it looks! She gave compliments to the crew, and knew she would have peace of mind not having to worry about the water again. 

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