Testimonials for Thrasher Foundation Repair

When a little water in the basement turned into flooding, Ben knew that a fan and dehumidifier wasn't going to do the job this time. When the Lueders family needed to reclaim their basement (and peace of mind), they called Thrasher Foundation Repair.
Lueders F. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Thrasher customer and Omaha homeowner, Bob Rosburg, shares his experience working with Thrasher to restore his home's value with a basement waterproofing system.
Bob R. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Krystal Kosmicki, a Thrasher egress window customer from Eagle, NE, was kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes and share her story.
Krystal K. of Eagle, NE
Friday, March 19th
Dick Spearman of Lincoln, Nebraska trusts his Thrasher basement waterproofing system to keep his basement dry year after year.
Dick S. of Lincoln, NE
Friday, March 19th
I was happy with the process from the starting consultation, all the way through the installation. Everyone was professional, educated, and communicated fully!
Barbara H. of Lebanon, MO
Wednesday, October 27th
After careful research, I chose Thrasher based on their reputation. I also knew I could trust their products and services. 
Tom M. of Versailles, MO
Thursday, March 24th
I am very impressed with the way everything was installed and how it looks! The crew was exceptional! I have peace of mind that I will not have to worry about the water again. 
Laura M. of Lincoln, NE
Tuesday, July 26th
I have worked with Thrasher numerous times. I keep using them because they back their work and products with excellent service. 
Bill G. of Rockwell City, IA
Wednesday, March 23rd
The project exceeded my expectations; It was great!
James C. of Springfield, MO
Wednesday, July 27th
I am so thrilled Thrasher had solutions to my problems. The crews were so clean and respectful too! 
Rebecca H. of Nixa, MO
Tuesday, September 6th
Thrasher was the best company I had talked to. I only wanted the best to work on my house. 
David R. of Richmond, MO
Thursday, March 3rd
The crew was great, and I'm happy I won't get any more water in my basement.
Tom of Boone, IA
Friday, April 29th
Testimonial Photo by Kenneth R.
I chose Thrasher because they proved a permanent fix, and I can trust they will do the job correctly.  
Kenneth R. of Blue Eye, MO
Thursday, March 3rd
Testimonial Photo by Joseph S.
My expectations were exceeded and I got exactly what I was promised, with Thrasher! 
Joseph S. of Holden, MO
Thursday, March 3rd
Jared, Matthew and Jake were absolutely wonderful. They were kind, considerate, friendly, and attentive. They really made a great impression. We give this team a 10!
Stacey P. of Aurora, MO
Tuesday, June 29th
Extremely happy with the work and super excited they were able to get it done so quickly. HIGHLY Recommend!
Debra M. of Aurora, MO
Wednesday, October 5th
We're so happy we can put our home back together and not have to worry about water issues again! 
Megan and Gabe F. of Goldfield, IA
Tuesday, January 11th
Testimonial Photo by Jeff V.
I chose Thrasher because I was confident in their solutions and reputation! 
Jeff V. of Grant City, MO
Wednesday, March 23rd
Water was coming into our house in a few different spots, we needed a fix. Thrasher was our solution and we couldn't be happier to have our home back in working order. 
Leeann and John H. of Harrisonville, MO
Thursday, March 3rd
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