Testimonials for Thrasher Foundation Repair

When a little water in the basement turned into flooding, Ben knew that a fan and dehumidifier wasn't going to do the job this time. When the Lueders family needed to reclaim their basement (and peace of mind), they called Thrasher Foundation Repair.
Lueders F. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Thrasher customer and Omaha homeowner, Bob Rosburg, shares his experience working with Thrasher to restore his home's value with a basement waterproofing system.
Bob R. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Krystal Kosmicki, a Thrasher egress window customer from Eagle, NE, was kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes and share her story.
Krystal K. of Eagle, NE
Friday, March 19th
Dick Spearman of Lincoln, Nebraska trusts his Thrasher basement waterproofing system to keep his basement dry year after year.
Dick S. of Lincoln, NE
Friday, March 19th
I was happy with the process from the starting consultation, all the way through the installation. Everyone was professional, educated, and communicated fully!
Barbara H. of Lebanon, MO
Wednesday, October 27th
Jared, Matthew and Jake were absolutely wonderful. They were kind, considerate, friendly, and attentive. They really made a great impression. We give this team a 10!
Stacey P. of Aurora, MO
Tuesday, June 29th
I'm very happy with the work that has been completed and will be referring my friends and family to Thrasher. 
Linda P. of Adrian, MO
Friday, June 11th
After several years of trying to address a water issue on our own we eventually made the decision to contract with Thrasher. Our decision was based on their years of experience and most importantly on their guarantee. Working with Thrashers proved to be a positive experience. They answered all our questions and completed the work on time. They were excellent to work with and we now have peace of mind that our basement water issues have been solved. I would recommend anyone facing water issues to consider Thrasher as the right solution.  
Jim D. of Maryville, MO
Thursday, June 3rd
Sean Robinson provided a great experience, not only was he very thorough but he took the time to explain and show me what was wrong. I had heard great things about Thrasher before having them come out to my home and now I can see that they stand behind their work.
Marlene S. of Webb City, MO
Thursday, August 12th
I was extremely happy with the timeliness of the crew and the fact they made sure to clean up after the project was completed. They were very professional and polite. 
Steve B. of Pocahontas, IA
Friday, May 28th
I am extremely happy with the timeliness of the crew and the fact they made sure to clean up after themselves perfectly. They were very professional and polite. 
Steve B. of Pocahontas, IA
Thursday, June 3rd
Although no one wants to have to fix basement issues, these guys made it bearable! It is expensive, but the crew starting with my salesmen, Austin, to the project manager, Seth, and his team of Jorge and Carlos were fantastic. Everyone was extremely professional, kind, and explanatory. While the project was in process, they kept me updated and explained everything. I strongly recommend Thrasher.
Monica K. of Frontenac, KS
Wednesday, November 3rd
Outstanding — everything looks better than when they came. It's been wonderful not having to worry every time it rains.
Tracy and Donna E. of Red Oak, IA
Tuesday, October 26th
Thrasher was the only company willing to work on our home. They were the most knowledgeable and the most professional individuals. Definitely the nicest people I have ever done business with!
Wayne J. of Avoca, IA
Monday, December 17th
I am glad that I had Thrasher come out to water proof my basement. It was done right with Thrasher, and I recommend anyone I can.
Roger G. of Farragut, IA
Thursday, June 24th
Thrasher were recommended to me by my contractor who found the moisture problem in my basement when some flooring was removed. He had a family member who had Thrasher do some work and was please with the results. The Thrasher team worked very hard. They we pleasant and very efficient in getting the work done. In fact they were much faster than I anticipated. They also performed excellent work.  
Roxy M. of Spencer, IA
Wednesday, November 21st
The crew that was led by Mel Martinez was very prompt in arrival and they informed us of what they would be doing. They made suggestions in helping eliminate the dust from getting into our heating system and any time we had a question they were very helpful when explaining. 
United Methodist Church of Dunlap , IA
Saturday, December 1st
Thrasher was the best option. Every single person I interacted with went above and beyond to help me all the way from my first contact to the follow up after the work. I give everyone at Thrasher a 12/10!
Phyllis H. of Topeka, KS
Tuesday, June 15th
I had Mike Hayes out to check two properties for me recently. All I have to say is he was fantastic! Everything about him was professional and very informative. He was able to draw up prints for the applications in each property and explained thoroughly what was involved in getting the problems fixed. He is an asset to Thrasher. I have been in the construction trade since 1972 and meeting Mike, brings back the approach, "to get it done right", it is so refreshing, when normally  the attitude is, "lets just get it done". Thank you Thrasher and Mike!
Keith L. of Paulina, IA
Saturday, December 1st
Total testimonials : 48