Settled Garage Approach in Salina, KS

The Magee family hated the way the approach to their garage looked. They had seen Thrasher fix a few homes in their neighborhood and decided to give us a call. AJ Lavoie, System Design Specialist, went out to their home to inspect and develop a solution. 

Upon inspection, he found the concrete had settled in several areas at their home due to the washout of soil underneath the concrete. The root of the problem? A leaking buried downspout pipe. This pipe was causing additional soil washout near their garage approach and sidewalk, which caused the concrete to sink further. 

Our install team instantly got to work. We lifted and leveled the concrete at the garage approach and the back patio with PolyLevel. Then, we sealed the joints and repaired cracks with NexusPro joint sealant.

The Magee family was so happy with the finished result that Thrasher was able to get to the bottom of it and bring solutions to fix it.



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