Concrete Repair in Independence, MO

Cheryl is going to sell her house in a few years and is getting ready to get a maximum property value. She called Thrasher to get her driveway fixed without replacing it all. When researching which concrete repair company to work with, she decided on us because of our professionalism and solution-oriented approach. She liked that we gave her different options and solutions to her problems. System Design Specialist, Josh Krestine, went to her home to get to the root of the problem. Upon inspection, he found that Cheryl had a sinking landing due to poor soil compaction around the house, which created a significant step up to her front door. Other driveway areas were cracking and falling as the water entered cracks and eroded the soil from underneath the concrete. 

To fix these issues, we used a waterproof polymer foam to level all her concrete. Next, we used NexusPro to seal all cracks and joints to make them more stable and keep water from getting underneath. Then, for the final touch, we power washed and sprayed SealantPro to act as a protectant and keep the driveway from eroding due to water and temperature changes. This gave her driveway new life!

Cheryl, in the beginning, was very worried she'd have to replace the concrete and, honestly, didn't think we would be able to repair it. But we did and were able to do it at a fraction of the total replacement price.

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