Cracked Concrete Repaired in Salina, KS

This homeowner was tired of the speed bump that was going into her garage, and she wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible. She saw our TV commercial and gave us a call to fix her cracked driveway.

We sent System Design Specialist Brent See to inspect the driveway and suggest a comprehensive solution to fix her problem for the long haul. Brent saw the the driveway had settled roughly 3 inches, which was causing the speed bump feeling into her garage. Brent suggested that the homeowner utilize our 3-part Concrete Protection System to fix her concrete problems and she was thrilled. Our team utilized our 3-part Concrete Protection System which includes PolyLevel Concrete Leveling, NexusPro Cracked Concrete Repair, and SealantPro Concrete Sealing to lift, level, and seal her driveway.

The homeowner was happy that the speed bump into her driveway was gone. Check our her driveway transformation!

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