Cracked Concrete Repair in Republic, MO

A homeowner in Republic, MO called us our because they saw their driveway settling and they were tired of the bumps that it cause when pulling into the garage. After meeting with System Design Specialist Justice Haven, they knew they had made the right decision calling us. Justice showed the homeowner that his concrete had settled and cracked due to water washing out the soil underneath the cracks in the concrete. While this seemed unfixable to the homeowner at first, Justice explained that there are solutions to strengthen and protect concrete without needing to repour it. We sent an installation team to use PolyLevel foam and NexusPro sealant to lift, level, and seal the concrete so that it as a smooth surface to drive on once again. The homeowner was so happy that the driveway was fixed and he thought the products worked great!

With a little time and love, your concrete can be repaired just like this homeowner's concrete was. Check out this homeowner's concrete repair!

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