Concrete Patio Sinking in Derby, KS

This homeowner wanted their back patio and AC area fixed because water had started pooling around their home recently, and this was a very concerning problem for their home's foundation. They read our reviews as well as watching our commercials online, and they decided that we had just the solutions to help them fix their concrete problem.

We sent System Design Specialist Daniel Capul to inspect the concrete problems and determine what solutions we could use for the patio. Daniel found that the concrete was not only causing water to pool around the home's foundation, but it was also a huge tripping hazard because of how uneven it was. After the inspection, Daniel discussed a custom solution with the homeowner that would help lift, level, and seal the concrete in order to eliminate the tripping hazard and stop water from pooling around the home's foundation. Our installation team used this custom plan and used PolyLevel foam and NexusPro sealant to lift, level, and seal the patio so that everyone could use it with ease.

The homeowner was extremely happy with their newly restored patio concrete. Check out the patio transformation. 

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