Step Tripping Hazard Solved in Wichita, KS

These homeowners kept tripping over their front steps every time they wanted to get to the front door. They were tired of having this problem, and they wanted to keep their friends and family from having it too when they visited, so they decided to give us a call. 

We sent System Design Specialist Beau Morris to inspect the front steps and determine what solutions we could offer to fix the tripping hazard. Beau found that there were quite a few voids underneath the driveway and the front porch that were causing the tripping hazard or had potential to cause an additional tripping hazard. After discussing this with the homeowners, Beau told them about our 2-Part Concrete Protection System (CPS) that would help them to fix their tripping problem, and the homeowners were extremely eager for this solution to happen. One of our installation teams came the home and utilized the 2-Part CPS which includes PolyLevel foam and NexusPro sealant to lift, level, and seal the concrete.

The homeowners were very happy with the work that our team was able to do and they couldn't be more excited with the new look of their driveway and front steps. Check out the step transformation attached!

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