Driveway Repair in Salina, KS

This homeowner noticed her driveway was settling over the years, causing trip hazards and weeds to grow. She knew she needed a quality fix, so she called Thrasher. System Design Specialist, Brent See, came out to meet her. Brent saw this older driveway and how it was settling and determined that over the years the soil under was shifting, causing voids and letting the concrete to sink and crack. He proposed we use our 2-Part Concrete Protection System. Polylevel was used to lift and level the concrete back into place, and giving the concrete support. NexusPro was used to fill in the cracks and joints, preventing any water intrusion that could cause washout. In the end, this homeowner was so happy she did not have to worry about any more tripping hazards or weeds growing in her driveway. Check out the before and after of this one! 

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