Concrete Repair in Elkhorn, NE

Driving home one day this homeowner noticed his neighbor getting some work done on his driveway. After the work was completed, he took note of how great it looked and really made his house stand out in the neighborhood. Wanting to get the same results for his home, he decided to call Thrasher and have us come take a look at his driveway. 

When the team came out to the home, they noticed that the joints in this customer's driveway were not sealed, creating small gaps between the concrete slabs and leaving his concrete at risk of future damage. The crew decided it would be best to use NexusPro on the joints of the driveway to protect his concrete and give his home the clean look he was looking for. NexusPro is a joint sealant made for protecting the concrete from water and other debris from getting underneath and damaging the soil causing the sinking of concrete.

Sealing your concrete joints with NexusPro will provide the beauty and peace of mind that your concrete will last for years to come. 

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