Cracked Concrete Repair in Wichita, KS

These homeowners were worried that someone will trip and fall because their front porch stairs were broken and had sunk. They also frequently have friends over so they feel like it is an eyesore and an embarrassment. This is their forever home, so they want to enjoy coming home and utilizing the space their front porch provides. 

We assessed that the soil under the concrete was voided and with the weight of the stairs, it cracked the slab at the bottom of the last step. The two slabs leading up to the stairs had also fallen and it was only a matter of time before the rest of the slabs experienced the same fate. To restore the curb appeal of the concrete we started by using a jack to prop up the stairs and inject PolyLevel foam under them to stabilize the area. We then lifted and stabilized the other two slabs that had fallen. All control joints were cleaned and caulked with NexusPro. Now this couple can feel good about having friends come over!

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