Extreme Concrete Porch Repair in Springfield, MO

Imagine walking out of your front door and seeing this! The wood supports that were under the front porch were rotted, leading to the concrete slab and fall, creating a huge safety hazard. Tia wanted to be able to use her front door again for her visitors. 


She called Thrasher out after 3 other companies told her they could not help. Kyle met with her, assessed the issue, and came up with a solution for her.  Kyle found that her home was not built as a traditional construction home. Her crawlspace extended beneath this part of the approach to the front door and was supported by wood. To help fix this issue, we installed steel 2x4s on either side of the broken section and raised them by using SmartJacks. We then sealed the crack with NexusPro. 


The homeowner was thrilled we had a solution that would permanently fix this area. She was so excited to have her visitors use her front door again. Check out the before and after! 

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