Concrete Leveling in Andover, KS

Homeowner Ken P. in Andover, KS noticed the concrete leading to his front entryway and back patio had settled over time. The concrete had sunk and began to crack in the deepest areas. Frustrated with the appearance and worried about it becoming a tripping hazard, Ken decided it was time to get it fixed. After receiving bids from other companies, he quickly realized none of them had a reputation quite like Thrasher.

 To begin the project, System Design Specialist Brent Randolph arrived in Andover, KS to fully inspect the concrete areas that were problematic. The customer opted to have the team install our PolyLevel and NexusPro solutions. PolyLevel is a lightweight and strong high-density foam that lifts and levels the concrete permanently. It’s an effective solution because it not only lifts the concrete, but also compacts the soil underneath to ensure the concrete remains stable. Then, the NexusPro is applied to seal all the cracks and joints. It’s a durable solution that prevents moisture from entering long into the future.

Ken was grateful for our quality of work, display of professionalism, and dedication to doing the job right the first time. Ken loves the way his concrete looks and now has confidence in its functionality.

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