Back Patio, Foundation Wall and Driveway Repaired in Hastings, NE

New homeowners Alex and Rachel H. were looking to fix their concrete patio and make sure the necessary repairs were done, to prevent any future problems for their home. Ready to start spending time on their back patio, they decided to give Thrasher a call to learn more about our concrete repair solutions.

System Design Specialist Shane McClintic went out to Alex and Rachel’s home. During his inspection, he found the patio was setting toward and against the back foundation wall. This was causing the concrete to be uneven and crack. Water was also draining towards the foundation. The concrete was also putting a lot of added weight against the foundation wall. From the weight of the soil and pressure from the concrete, the foundation wall was starting to bow in. Shane also identified the crack on the front of their driveway was from street creep.

The crew installed channel anchors to stabilize the foundation wall. Then the patio was lifted and sealed with PolyLevel and NexusPro Joint Sealant to close up the joints and cracks, also making the whole area level again. To help the front driveway, CompressionGuard was also installed to prevent street creep from expanding their driveway. Alex and Rachel were thrilled with the end result and extremely pleased with the knowledge of the crew.

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