Concrete Repair in Lincoln, NE

Ann L. is a homeowner in Lincoln, NE that had concerns about the concrete on her driveway and sidewalk. She noticed that the concrete issues were beginning to have a domino effect on the foundation of her home. The concrete was uneven, cracked, and there were gaps in the control joints allowing water to breach through. Ann chose Thrasher to repair her concrete needs because she trusted our reputation and dedication to providing the highest quality solution.

Our System Design Specialist, Nico Lemmers, arrived at the Lincoln, NE home to analyze the sunken and broken concrete. To repair the concrete, Ann opted to have our team install our 3-part concrete protection system – PolyLevel, NexusPro, and SealantPro. PolyLevel is installed first by injecting the foam through a pencil eraser-sized hole to permanently lift and level the concrete. Next, NexusPro sealer is applied to all cracks and control joints to protect against water intrusion. Then, SealantPro is sprayed onto the surface to prevent any stains and deterioration caused by everyday use.

Ann was absolutely thrilled with the results of the project. She was impressed throughout the project with our crew and the solutions we put in place. Thrasher was able to restore her peace of mind knowing her home will stand the test of time.

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