Driveway Repair in McCook, NE

Frustrated with the appearance of their driveway, this McCook, NE homeowner gave Thrasher a call to see if there was a possible repair solution. They have been long-time Thrasher customers, weren’t aware that we also specialize in concrete. Our System Design Specialist Daniel Hilkmann arrived at the home and performed a thorough inspection of the concrete around the property. 

The customers opted to have our team install the 2-part concrete protection system to permanently lift, level, and seal the concrete’s surface. Our PolyLevel concrete lifting foam is installed first beneath the slab to create a level surface. The NexusPro is then used to caulk all the cracks and control joints to waterproof the surface and prevent future damages. 

The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome of our concrete repair solutions. With the price of concrete so high now, our concrete protection system relieved the customer and restored their peace of mind. We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to continue providing different services to homeowners like these. 

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