Concrete Repair Services Case Studies: Warehouse Floor Lifted and Leveled with PolyLevel

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019


Lineage Logistics is a nationwide cold storage facility company. 

Lineage had a 25,000 square foot facility in South Omaha that had been in successful operation for many years. 

However, in recent years the employees began to notice problems with the warehouse floor.  The employees started to see that the floors were settling and were unlevel.  Because this was a storage facility, warehouse racking covered the entirety of the problem areas.  As the floor began to settle, the racking also began to shift and move. This made loading and unloading of the racking difficult as forklifts worked from an angled floor and tried to place or remove items from unlevel warehouse racking.  Not only was the settling floor creating a challenging work environment, but it was also making an unsafe environment as the racking was loaded with thousands of pounds of products.   Lineage quickly decided that repair work needed to be done to keep a safe and productive work environment.  

Lineage contacted Thrasher Foundation Repair and several other contractors to seek repair options. Lineage quickly realized they had three repair options to choose. They could completely remove the entire concrete floor and replace the racking on top. This would be the most expensive option and would take the longest time to complete the repairs, meaning it would also require the business's longest downtime. The second option was to replace or repair the racking in the damaged areas. While this would be more cost-effective and limit downtime for the business, it would do nothing to prevent future damage from occurring and ultimately would be a temporary fix only. Thrasher Foundation Repair presented a third option. That option was to inject a polyurethane foam underneath the warehouse floor, fill all voids, and lift the floor back to the original position.

This option was not only cost-effective, but it could be completed in less than four weeks and minimize Lineage's downtime.    After a brief review of the repair options, Thrasher Foundation Repair and our PolyLevel was selected.  

Thrasher and Lineage had to coordinate the project's start, as the cold storage facility had to be thawed out before starting work.  

Once the facility had been warmed up, and all product was removed, Thrasher began work.   Thrasher utilized PolyLevel 400H material.  This material was installed as a lightweight material, which was vital as it would only add minimal additional weight to the settling soils.  PolyLevel 400H is also hydrophobic and has a compressive strength of 8,500 pounds per square foot.   This product served as the ideal material for this solution.  Over 17 days, Thrasher installed over 165,000 pounds of material.  Voids in excess of 36" had been found below the warehouse floor and filled with PolyLevel.   Once all voids had been filled, Thrasher worked to lift the floor back to its original position.  The floor was raised slowly, and great care was taken to ensure an accurate floor lift.   Multiple lasers were utilized to monitor the controlled lift.   Once the floor was returned to its original position, the racking was also straightened and back in operational condition.     Lineage was then able to turn the coolers back on and put this facility back into operational status.  

Thrasher was proud to partner with Lineage on this project and restored their business to full operations as quickly as possible.

When you work with Thrasher, you are not just working with another contractor. You are partnering with a company that wants to get you back in business as quickly as possible.  

Thrasher was contracted to lift, level and stabilize a settling warehouse floor in Omaha. Watch the video to learn more:  

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