Concrete Repair Services Case Studies: Concrete Leveling, Large Voids Filled in Louisburg, KS

Thursday, January 21st, 2021 by Ryan Galt


Del's home has been in her family for many years and is owned by a family trust. It was essential that she do her due diligence to hire a contractor that her family would approve. She wanted to find a reputable contractor that would travel to her town south of the Kansas City metropolitan area to provide a solution.

Del reached out to Thrasher Foundation Repair for advice on her sinking driveway and sidewalk. Her biggest concern was the safety hazard that the uneven concrete was causing. She was worried that the trip hazard could cause someone an injury. On top of that, she recognized a large hole was forming under her driveway. She was concerned that the concrete would begin to sink and crack, forcing her to replace the entire driveway.

Identifying the Cause of Sinking, Cracked Concrete

System Design Specialist Ryan Galt met with Del to inspect the project and estimate the repairs. She mentioned to Ryan this was her forever home and that she wanted the solution to be long lasting. Del worked with her family to review the proposals and ultimately chose Thrasher Foundation Repair for the concrete leveling project. Thrasher's expertise in void filling and concrete leveling without having to drill large holes in the driveway was a significant factor in the decision. The family also wanted a company that had been around a long time and would stand behind the work.

Ryan noticed that the voids under the driveway were quite severe. One of the only reasons there wasn't significant damage was because the driveway had a large amount of rebar running through it. While the driveway didn't show a lot of damage, it is one of the larger voids Ryan has seen on a residential project. The walkway next to the driveway had settled several inches because it didn't have the rebar running through it. Del appreciated the time that Ryan took to review the solution with her and the detailed explanation.


Sidewalk Lifted and Driveway Void Filled and Stabilized with PolyLevel.

The solution for Del's problem was the PolyLevel Concrete Leveling System and NexusPro Joint Sealant. PolyLevel is a polymer injected through tiny holes, only 3/8ths in diameter, in the concrete. The polymer expands to fill the void under the concrete and then expands to lift the concrete. It supports concrete slabs without adding weight to the soil beneath, and it's waterproof so that it won't wash out or dry out like traditional mudjacking material. It's environmentally friendly, too, with no environmentally harmful chemical leaching. Concrete leveling with PolyLevel expanding foam not only raises concrete slabs but also compacts the soil around it, creating a stable environment that will ensure that your driveway, patio or pool deck remains level into the foreseeable future. Our crew used approximately 54 cubic feet of material to fill the voids and lift the walkway over 5 inches in some places to eliminate the trip hazards.

Del also chose to seal all of the joints and cracks in the sidewalk and driveway to prevent further erosion from occurring. Approximately 150 linear feet of the joint was filled using NexusPro Joint Sealant. Our silicone-based sealant, NexusPro, not only looks great but works better than traditional, off-the-shelf caulking material to protect your concrete - and the soil it rests on - from the elements. It remains highly flexible regardless of the weather conditions. It will not de-bond, and it is UV resistant so that it won't crack or breakdown. NexusPro has a quick curing process, so you only must wait for hours instead of days to drive or walk on the sealed areas. NexusPro has excellent flexibility allowing concrete to expand and contract through the seasonal weather patterns typical in the Kansas City area and across all of Kansas and Missouri.

The crew completed the project in one day, and Del could begin using the driveway 20 minutes after completion. The project comes with a 5-year warranty the concrete won't settle and that the joints will stay sealed. This project was completed for less than 1/3rd of the cost of replacing the concrete and didn't cause the disruption of concrete replacement.

Ready for Peace of Mind

Del and her family were happy with the fix. After the project, Del said, "This is my forever home, and I knew that the massive hole under my driveway would cause it to crack and sink. I also knew the walkway was a huge safety hazard. I am thrilled with the result and have already referred two of my friends to your company."

Del made an important decision to turn their permanent fix into peace of mind. And, it includes a 5-year warranty! If you have any nagging problems where Thrasher Foundation Repair can help, call us or link to our Free Inspection form here.