Crawl Space Encapsulation in Sioux City, IA

Linda and Louie E. are homeowners in Sioux City, IA and have felt the negative effects of a poor crawl space for years. During the winter, cold air would seep into the basement and the floors above. In the summer, hot and humid air would leak into the basement making it an uncomfortable living space to be in. Linda and Louie knew if these problems continued any longer, it would lead to more severe damage such as mold and rot. In addition, the crawl space was affecting the energy efficiency of their home making it more costly throughout the year. Linda and Louie were impressed with our thorough inspection and detailed solution to the problem. They believed our product was the best permanent solution and chose Thrasher because of our professionalism and reputation.

 System Design Specialist Corey Little began the crawl space encapsulation by installing our SilverGlo insulation that reflects and traps heat within the space. It’s an effective radiant barrier that’s also resistant to mold to keep the home energy efficient. The team also applied rim joists to seal all gaps and prevent air from escaping upward. To complete the encapsulation, they covered the entire crawl space in our CleanSpace waterproof liner to control humidity and prevent warm or cold air from entering through pipes and vents.

 Linda and Louie were more than pleased with the efficiency of our team throughout the duration of the project and our dedication to the quality of the solution we provided. They were thrilled with the result and are liberated moving forward knowing this issue won’t occur again. 

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