Sagging Floors in McPherson, KS

Virginia initially reached out to us to pour new concrete for her back patio. After explaining that it's not a service we provide, it opened up a conversation. She asked, "What else do you do?" After listing our services, she figured we could still help her, just in another area. Her floors were sagging and dipping in the back of the house, near the kitchen. She was worried that if she were ever to rent it out or try to sell, that'd be an issue. 

Sheldon Sharp, System Design Specialist at Thrasher, went out to her home to find the root of the problem. When he went into the crawl space, he found the cement blocks holding up her house had settled and were falling over. To prevent further damage to her home, we installed smart jacks and new i-beams to support the floors and lift them to give the floor a sturdy feel. 

Virginia loved how the floors felt and was so happy we did a thorough inspection. We were happy to help her with something she didn't realize was an issue when she initially called! 

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