Foundation Repair in Wichita, KS

Nick noticed a large crack above the door of his mother's house. He called Thrasher to maintain value and make sure his mom was safe in her home. Jon Graves went out to the home to find out what was happening. He found the garage had settled to the outside corner, causing a large crack above the door to open up. To fix this, we installed push piers. But then things got interesting.

When we did the lift, the result was excellent. The crack closed up, and everything looked good. However, the crew left, and when they came back the following day to finish up, they noticed a new crack behind the old crack had opened in a straight line down the mortar joint. This is something that can happen when lifting a home, especially brick. It doesn't happen often, but we always mention to the customer the possibility. Once we noticed the new crack, we instantly checked to ensure there was no settlement, and luckily, we found none. We then sealed the crack and blended the mortar to be less visible. Everything was good as new again!

Nick and his mom were excited that the crack had closed up. They were, at first, concerned about the new crack, but they felt more at ease that we immediately addressed it and fixed the issue. Their garage is stabilized and will not be moving anymore.


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