Bowing Walls Reinforced in Rogersville, MO

After his girlfriend expressed concern and fear for this homeowner's foundation walls bowing in, the homeowner determine that he needed to have a professional come take a look at the walls for his girlfriend's peace of mind. He decided to call us because he knew we gave free estimates and that we would know the right solutions to help fix his problem.

We sent System Design Specialist Josh Krestine to inspect the foundation walls and determine what solutions would be best for his problem. Josh found that due to the lack of gutters on the home, water had been stacking up against the foundation walls, causing it to belly in. After explaining this to the homeowner, the homeowner decided to fix his foundation walls first before proceeding with any prevention solutions. We sent an installation team to install PowerBraces which work to enforce the wall and straighten the wall back to normal over time. 

The homeowner was relieved that he called us before the next big rain, and he is happy that his girlfriend and him will have a peace of mind about his foundation walls. Check out the wall straightening solution for this homeowner's foundation wall!

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