Street Creep Stopped in Seward, NE

This rental property owner was worried because this rental home he was currently renting to college students was showing signs of damage. There were cracks in the walls in the basement, and there are bedrooms in the basement, so the owner wanted to ensure that his tenants were safe when living in his rental property. This owner had previously hired our services for his other properties, so he decided to give us a call for this property.

We sent Service Technician Spencer Johnson to inspect the property's foundation and basement to determine what was causing these wall cracks to appear. Spencer found that one of the foundation walls was leaning inwards, to the point where the brick siding was breaking and splitting from the home. He also saw there there were cracks in the wall from the severe deflection of this siding more than likely all caused by street creep. After discussing solutions with the owner and determining an installation time, our team got to work installing PowerBraces to reinforce the wall and move it back to its original position over time. The team also installed Compression Guards on the driveway to act as a buffer against street creep.

The rental property owner was very pleased with the work that was done on his property. Check out how the PowerBraces have supported the wall!

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