Floor and Wall Cracks Repaired in Lansing, KS

These homeowners flipped their older home and they were excited to start their future in this home. Shortly after they moved in, they began to notice that the garage floor was cracking and that their bathroom and bedroom had started to show wall cracks. They were very concerned about this problem, so they decided to give us a call to see what was happening in their forever home.

System Design Specialist Tom Studer drove out to this home to see what was causing the garage floor and the walls to crack. Tom found that the garage was falling down because there were large voids underneath the footing. He also found differential settlement happening along the garage wall that was affecting the other rooms with wall cracks as well. He discussed these problems with the homeowners, and how we could fix them, and the homeowners couldn't have been more eager to have these problems fixed. On of our installation crews went to the home and used a Push Pier System to lift and stabilize the garage from any further damage.

The homeowners were so excited to have their problem fixed, and they are relieved that their forever home is stable. Check out the push pier system in action, lifting and stabilizing the home and the garage!

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