Severe Wall Failure Fixed in Denver, CO

This rental property owner needed to secure the foundation of the building he bought so that he could rent out the units. He looked into foundation repair companies in the Denver area, as he didn't know much about the area because he lived out of state, he came across our services and he gave us a call.

We sent System Design Specialist Anthony Salcedo to inspect the rental property's foundation and determine what would be best to help solve the foundation issues. When Anthony arrived, he was shocked at the amount of wall damage that had occurred. Anthony found that all of the walls had some degree of failure and lateral movement; Two of the walls were scoped out for full replacement because of how severe their degree failure was. After the thorough inspection, Anthony gave the homeowner a call to discuss what damage had occurred as well as what solutions we could offer to fix this problem. The rental property owner thought these solutions seemed the most thorough of all the solutions he had heard, so he decided to have our team fixed his foundation wall problems.

One of our installation teams went to fix the wall problems in the home shortly after the homeowner moved forward with our services. The team utilized GeoLock Earth Anchors on the two walls with less degrees of damage. After an engineer report surfaced from the rental property owner, our team was able to accommodate the other two severely failing walls by installing our EverBrace Wall System which acts as a new wall for stabilizing the property. The report also stated that new support posts were needed in the center support beam to have proper support, so our team also installed SmartJacks to stabilize the center support beam. 

After all this work was complete, the rental property owner was very relieved that he could start renovations for the rental properties to be rented out. Although this project was tough, our team was able to stabilize all of the walls and give the rental property owner a chance to renovate his property. Check out the wall transformation in this rental property! 

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