Street Creep Stopped in its Tracks in Leawood, KS

Did you know that the road in front of your house can hurt your foundation? Concrete grows when it's hot and shrinks when it's cold. To reduce the issues caused by temperature changes, Thrasher installs expansion joints in exterior concrete slabs such as sidewalks and driveways. These joints absorb and spread out the stress, allowing the concrete slabs to expand and contract without touching, which lessens the risk of cracking.

However, over time, standard expansion joints may deteriorate, crack, or become filled with debris. When this occurs, the concrete expands altogether, resulting in street creep and a lot of pressure where the driveway meets a garage slab or foundation wall.

To Prevent this, we used Compression Guard on this driveway, which fills the joint in a way that reduces the problems we see with standard expansion joints. 

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