Historic Home in Coffeyville, KS has Sagging Floors Repaired

JD & Krista H. live in a historic home and were growing tired of home their dining room floors always bounce. When anybody would walk through the dining room, the bouncing floors would cause their china cabinets to rattle. JD & Krista were worried about the problem getting worse overtime and wanted to preserve their home.  

We sent System Design Specialist, Sean Robinson out their home. The existing brick column floor supports, and load-bearing walls were settling due to the high moisture in the basement and water would always come up through the brick floor. This would cause the floors to bounce and sag.

The team SmartJack XTs and supplemental beams to support the floors above. We also installed a TripleSafe, lateral lines and SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier. This solution will help control water and protect the new floor supports from settling. Once the project was completed JD and Krista were not only impressed with the work that was done but the clean-up done by the crew.

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