Back Door Won't Open, Turns Out It Was The Foundation

Young couple, Sophia and Ivan, noticed their back door wasn't opening. And since Sophia was having a fence installed to allow their kids to safely play outside, she decided to dig a little deeper and find out why her back door wasn't working. That's when she called Thrasher. Once we got on site and took a look around, we found that their home had settled into the soil along the back foundation wall. We also noticed some wall failure on that same wall, which explains why the back door wouldn't open. 

To fix the problem, we installed helical piers on the back foundation wall and lifted the foundation. We then installed GeoLock Anchors to support the wall from further wall failure. Reflecting back, Sophia and Ivan really appreciated how System Design Specialist Clint Gerber took the time to explain what was wrong and walk them through the process of how we were going to fix it. Now, they can spend their summers with their children, worry-free, knowing they can safely hang out in their backyard and easily use the backdoor again to come and go as they please.

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