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We fix foundation problems that cause sticking windows & doors

Doors and windows are weak points in walls that can show clear signs of foundation problems - this is especially true for load-bearing exterior walls where foundation settlement can cause cracks around openings of windows or doors. A lack of support in your home's crawl space can also allow the floors above to sink, altering how doors and windows function.

When your crawl space has too few support jacks or your home has issues with foundation settlement, you may see the following issues in the upper levels of your home:

  • Floors that dip, sag, or are uneven
  • Windows or doors that are hard to close or open
  • Windows or doors that won't open or close properly
  • Stress cracks around door/window frames
  • Windows or doors that are "out of square" or won't properly secure in the frame

Trust Thrasher Foundation Repair to identify and address your foundation settlement or crawl space support problems before they worsen. Once we fix these underlying issues, your doors, windows, and locks will return to normal.

Have you noticed sticking windows and doors around your home or property? Schedule a free on-site estimate for professional crawl space repair and foundation settlement solutions! We proudly serve Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Colorado areas throughout Wichita, Kansas City, Omaha, and nearby.

How to Identify Foundation Problems with Windows & Doors

Homeowners rely on windows and doors for security, ventilation, and decorative appeal, which are all compromised when they stop working. Sticking windows and doors are not only frustrating - they are potential signs of serious foundation damage, which can understandably be distressing to homeowners. At Thrasher Foundation Repair, we want to help you get ahead of these issues as soon as possible.

Learn to spot the visible signs here:

Doors and Windows Out of Square

Doors & Windows Out of Square

Door frames and window frames can shift along with structures, making their tracks harder to follow. If the frame isn't straight, the window or door can't function as intended

Jammed Doors & Locks

Jammed Doors & Locks

Jammed doors and door locks as a result of structural damage can be a safety hazard. If your doors and locks are getting harder to open, call us before they stop working altogether!

Jammed windows and locks

Jammed Windows & Locks

When the walls warp or change and no longer fit the windowframe, windows can stick closed or become misaligned so locks no longer function.

Exterior Windowframe Cracks

Exterior Windowframe Cracks

Damage around exterior windows may be hidden beneath siding or it could be pronounced throughout exterior brick and stone.

Interior Windowframe Cracks

Interior Windowframe Cracks

Windows on upper floors may develop cracks, sometimes fully extending from windowsills to the floor or ceiling.

Basement Wall Window Cracks

Basement Wall Window Cracks

Basement walls withstand great pressures from surrounding soils and the structure above, making basement windows prone to damage.

Doorframe Cracks

Doorframe Cracks

Cracks may form around door frames, especially on exterior walls of the home that experience the most pressure.

Cracks Around Outlets, Window Dressings

Cracks Around Outlets, Window Dressings, etc.

Nearby weak points in the wall, such as outlets and crown molding, may allow cracks to form when stressed.

What Causes Sticking Windows & Doors?

When door or window frames are not secure, they can move and become "out of square" as uneven weight distribution creates gaps. These structural shifts can cause costly damage, render door or window locks unusable, and allow moisture or pests to enter your home through openings.

Cracks that appear around window and door openings can be a symptom of foundation settlement. If you do not address foundation settlement, windows and doors will continue to shift as the walls respond to the damaged foundation.

There are two causes of cracks around windows and doors related to foundation problems:

1. Settling Foundations

1. Settling Foundations

The quality of foundation soils can vary, even on the same property, and cause foundation settlement. The different soil types allow some sections of a foundation or slab to shift or crack while other sections remain in place with no direct damage.

As foundations move and develop cracks, the wood framing supported above can bend or twist, causing skewed openings for windows, jammed doors, and sinking floors. The drywall connected to wood framing is not flexible and is more likely to crack, especially at the corners of windows and doors.

Homes with a brick or stone exterior often develop cracks in these upper masonry areas due to a lack of flexibility during foundation settlement.

Learn more about sinking & settling foundations

Our Solution:

We install foundation piers at key locations to address foundation settlement issues. The piers are attached to the foundation with steel brackets and extend to stable, load-bearing soil for improved support. The piers allow the foundation to return to its original position and prevent further settling and damage from settlement.

Cracks in the wall will close once the foundation has been raised. Sticking or jamming doors, windows, and locks will also return to normal.

Thrasher Foundation Repair offers two different types of foundation piers to address foundation settlement: push piers and helical piers. Foundation pier installation comes with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty and our own performance warranty.

Learn more about foundation piers

2. Inadequate Crawl Space Supports

2. Inadequate Crawl Space Supports

Crawl spaces are usually poorly designed and fail over time, often through neglect or persistent harsh conditions. They may have too few support columns, rotting floor joists, decaying girders, or even weak soils under the crawl space, causing the supports to sink.

As the crawl space structure sinks, any floor it supports will slope and create uneven, tilted surfaces. And as the floor above sinks, it can pull the interior walls attached to it downwards. The sinking may be so gradual that you do not notice until the damage is clearly visible.

The walls can pull apart as they sink, leaving cracks and gaps in your interior walls. All this can cause the home to warp, resulting in doors and windows that are difficult to open or shut and locks that won't work as intended.

Learn more about crawl space issues

Our Solution:

We effectively address crawl space structural issues with reliable crawl space support jacks. First, we dig a hole for each support jack and create a base of engineered fill. After, we install a pre-cast concrete base on the top. Then the support jack is mounted on top of that.

Thrasher Foundation Repair's crawl space supports will stop your floor from sinking and sagging. Even better, these jacks are adjustable and can be modified to attempt to lift your floors and walls back to their original position.

We can install our crawl space jack systems quickly - usually in about a day! They are our superior solution to other crawl space structural supports, such as concrete columns, shimming, and light-duty jack posts.

Learn more about crawl space support jacks

How do I know which foundation repair services I need?

When determining what foundation repair services you'll need, you should consider the visible problems around the interior or exterior of the structure. If you have exterior cracks, jamming doors, and windows, the most likely cause is foundation settlement and not sinking crawl space supports.

If you're unsure whether your home has structural damage, reference our foundation problems and causes checklist:

Identifying the Source of Window & Door Issues

Foundation settlement may cause:

  • Jamming exterior or entryway doors
  • Jamming interior doorways
  • Sticking windows
  • Cracks along windows & entryway doors
  • Cracks along interior doorways

Crawl space structural issues may cause:

  • Jamming interior doorways
  • Cracks along interior doorways
  • Sinking, sagging floors

Schedule a Free Foundation Repair Estimate to Fix Sticking Windows & Doors!

Structural problems in homes, such as sticking windows and doors, can often be traced to a damaged foundation. If you notice sinking floors, jammed doors, and cracked window frames, call Thrasher Foundation Repair for lasting foundation solutions. Schedule a free estimate for our foundation repair services, including foundation settlement repair and installing crawl space support jacks.

We proudly serve homeowners in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Colorado, including Kansas City, Omaha, Wichita, Denver, Springfield, Sioux City, Peoria, Grand Island, Fort Madison, Lincoln, and nearby areas. Call Thrasher Foundation Repair at 1-844-948-3306 or complete the form below to get started.

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