Foundation Repair Photo Album: Wall Near Complete Failure Saved By Installing PowerBrace System in Arthur, IA

Album Description

Renters in Arthur,IA noticed that one of their walls in in their house was starting to fail. The homes homemade brace system was starting to fail, and the wall became a major concern for safety and the landlord gave Thrasher a call. 

We sent System Design Specialist Corey Little out to the property to evaluate the wall. He noticed that the wall was on stage three of wall failure with three inches of deflection and daylight was coming through the top of the wall. We were able to permanently stabilize the home, by installing the PowerBrace System. We also used Shotlock on the wall, since so much damage occurred. We were able to interlock rebar to the PowerBrace System and then sprayed shotcrete, which gave them a new wall without having to replace the current wall. 

This was a great solution for this home because it was the least invasive. The home now feels safe again and the finished wall looks great! 

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