EverBrace™ for Failing Foundation Walls

Permanently restore failing foundation walls in Nebraska, Western Iowa, Central & Western Kansas and Northwestern Missouri

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The EverBrace™ provides a less disruptive alternative to total foundation replacement in Sioux City & the surrounding cities.

If buckling or tilted foundation walls are neglected for a period of time, a home may face total foundation wall failure. The root of the issue could be hydrostatic pressure, expansive soils, frost heave, or other common foundation problems.

The EverBrace Wall Restoration System™ permanently stabilizes the most extreme cases of failing foundation walls.

With EverBrace, steel corrugated panels and beams work together to strengthen and stabilize foundation walls. Rigid foam is then injected to fill any voids behind the steel panels, fully transferring the load from the failing structure to the new support panels.

Advantages of the EverBrace System:

  • Less installation time and mess compared to other foundation repair options
  • Easily concealed by drywall
  • Steel trim covers edges and corners to create a finished look
  • Steel components are zinc-coated to resist corrosion
  • Panels are customized to fit around windows, doors, and other obstacles
  • A foundation waterproofing system can be easily integrated with this system

Permanent repair & restoration for foundation wall failure

The EverBrace Wall Restoration System is compatible with field stone, clay block, and brick foundation walls in addition to poured concrete and concrete block walls. While other solutions may work for the first signs of foundation problems, only the EverBrace can restore a severely compromised foundation wall.

EverBrace provides Nebraska, Western Iowa, Central & Western Kansas and Northwestern Missouri homeowners with the security of a new foundation, minus the cost and disruption of a total foundation replacement. The system can be easily concealed with drywall and customized to fit around windows, doorways, and other structural components.

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Let Thrasher Foundation Repair help repair your significantly damaged foundation walls in Omaha, Lincoln, and the surrounding cities. We are members of the Foundation Supportworks network of foundation and concrete repair contractors, granting homeowners access to patented, proven solutions and expert craftsmanship. We guarantee attention to detail, and open communication throughout every phase of your project.

Thrasher Foundation Repair provides free estimates for the EverBrace System and any of our other foundation repair products. Schedule yours today by calling 1-844-948-3306 or booking online. We proudly serve Sioux City, Lincoln, Omaha, Grand Island, Bellevue, Council Bluffs, Norfolk, Fremont, North Platte, Kearney, and throughout Nebraska, Western Iowa, Central & Western Kansas and Northwestern Missouri.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Vertical wall cracks in a poured foundation wall often aren't as serious as horizontal ones. Hairline vertical cracks are not uncommon as concrete walls cure. Simply sealing these cracks and protecting from future damages should be enough. If the cracks grow over time and our wider at the top than the bottom, more serious issues might be at play, including a sinking or sagging foundation creating vertical pressure on the wall and threatening your home's structural integrity. To be safe, you should always have foundation wall cracks inspected by a professional.

    If there are vertical cracks in a block wall foundation they should always be looked at by a professional because block walls will not get shrinkage cracks. This could be a sign of a more serious foundation issue.

  • Horizontal cracks are a greater sign of bowed walls or structural foundation problems than their vertical counterparts. Hydrostatic pressure from expanding soil due to moisture changes can exert tremendous lateral pressure, causing horizontal cracks to form in basement walls. Left unattended, these horizontal cracks tend to grow with time creating more serious issues, potentially a full wall collapse.

  • Before bracing a wall, you must first measure the specific height of your basement walls at each placement, so the beams can be accurately cut to fit. The top of each brace is attached close to your home's mudsill, near the floor joists in the basement ceiling, where they are bolted to a special bracket. The wall brace is then attached to your basement floor with another special bracket, spanning the entire height of the wall. Once installed, the I-beam can be tightened with an adjustment mechanism at the top to create the best vertical plumb possible against the buckling wall, restoring your foundation's integrity.

  • It's almost impossible to figure the cost of bracing a wall without a proper inspection to determine the root causes requiring the braces and a permanent solution that ultimately delivers the best return on investment. Not addressing root issues and incomplete solutions can cost multiples more in ongoing fixes over time. According to HouseLogic by Realtors, a starting point for the cost of a steel brace alone is in the $700 range. Corrosion-resistant, zinc-plated galvanized steel braces cut to specification, plus installation, accessories like anchors or attachments and adjustments to repair the wall, will add to this cost.

  • A proper fix for a bowing wall is one that addresses underlying issues and presents a permanent solution. Foundation systems used to repair a bowing basement wall include wall anchors, wall braces and carbon fiber straps for lateral pressures and piers for vertical pressures. Depending on your home's unique siting and construction, and the amount of bowing that has occured, any of these solutions or a mix of them could be the proper fix for your wall.

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