Old Rusted Gutters Replaced with Gutter Shutter in Clarinda, IA

Returning customers Scott and Jill K. were concerned about their gutters getting clogged, sagging and falling apart. They have lived in the home for a long time and still had the original gutters. Impressed with previous work Thrasher has done on their home, Scott and Jill gave us another call.

Service Techinican Chuck Kain went out to the home to evaluate the gutters. The gutters were galvanized, rusting and failing. Chuck recommended Gutter Shutter, a clog free and seamless gutter.  We removed the old gutters and downspouts. After measuring for an exact fit, we installed Gutter Shutters and buried all the downspouts so they would direct the roof water away from the house and foundation. Scott and Jill were very happy with how the gutters looked and impressed with the crew. 

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