Clogged Gutters in Yutan, NE

Linda S. Yutan, NE is part of Thrasher’s annual maintenance program. Each year she gets her Thrasher system checked out to make sure that is performing well. During the visit, an inspection is performed by one our service technicians to make sure nothing else comes up for the homeowner.

During the annual maintenance appointment Service Technician Wes Marshall inspected the gutters. He found that the gutters were completely full of branches and helicopters. With the gutters completely clogged, water would go right back over the gutters and potentially back into the foundation walls, impacting the waterproofing that she had done on her basement.

The crew installed RainDrop on top of the gutters to keep any debris from entering the gutters, only allowing water to enter and keep the gutters clean. Linda was very pleased with how RainDrop looked over the top of her gutters and thrilled to know this wouldn’t be a problem again.

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