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Homeowners within Clay County have experienced extreme weather conditions over the years that leave homes either damaged or flooded. Ensure your home has the leading experts from Thrasher Foundation Repair working to repair the damages left behind.

Thrasher Foundation Repair is ready to help repair one of the investments in your life and the place we should be proud to call home. We specialize in concrete repair in Kansas City, Missouri and all the great cities that make up Clay County. We also supply foundation repair, crawl space repair, and basement waterproofing services to ensure that your home is secure in every way. Contact our team of professional contractors today to schedule a free estimate.

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Concrete Repair, Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing in Clay County, MO

Thrasher Foundation Repair is a home improvement company that strives to deliver the highest standards in service delivery to homeowners in Clay County. We understand the value and importance of your home, which is why we assure you that you will feel satisfied and at ease with the work carried out. Whether our installation crews are fulfilling a concrete repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, or foundation repair to fix your home, you will always receive both long-lasting and first-rate results.

Contact Thrasher Foundation Repair to see how we are able to help your home withstand the Clay County weather elements, and schedule a free service estimate today!

Concrete repair & concrete leveling services we offer in Clay County

  • PolyLevel® concrete leveling
  • NexusPro™ cracked concrete repair
  • SealantPro™ concrete sealing
  • Commercial concrete repairs
  • Driveway repairs
  • Pool deck leveling
  • Sidewalk repairs
  • Step repairs

Our cracked concrete repair, concrete leveling, and concrete sealing systems install with no fuss. Schedule a free concrete repair estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Clay County.

Foundation Repair services we offer in Clay County:

  • Foundation settlement & sinking
  • Sticking windows & doors
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting & bowing walls
  • Cracked foundation walls & floors
  • Collapsing foundation walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our foundation repair products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers & helical piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Street creep repairs
  • Foundation wall brace & beams
  • Carbon fiber wall straps
  • Foundation settlement repair
  • Foundation crack repair

Schedule a free foundation inspection and service estimate for your home in Clay County.

Basement Waterproofing services we offer in Clay County:

  • Interior drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Mold treatment
  • Dehumidifiers
  • And more!

Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection to learn more. We proudly serve Clay County.

Crawl Space Repair services we offer in Clay County:

  • Crawl space vapor barrier
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Crawl space dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • And more

Schedule a crawl space inspection and free cost estimate today. We provide professional crawl space encapsulation and repair services in Clay County.

Schedule a free inspection & service estimate in Clay County

The concrete repair, foundation repair, crawl space repair, and basement waterproofing experts at Thrasher Foundation Repair will provide you with a more secure, drier, and valuable home in Clay County, Missouri. Schedule a free inspection and service estimate to learn more!

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In addition to all services we provide to residential customers, Thrasher provides specialized commercial services for existing and new...
Job Stories From Clay County, MO
Concrete slabs restored in Smithville, MO

The city of Smithville was penalizing homeowners if they have sunken slabs and tripping hazards. John R. had one slab that had dropped significantly. There were severe voids under the top of the driveway and the walkway slab that they did not realize.

We used PolyLevel for the voids and NexusPro for the joints. John found value in further protection of stabilizing the walkway and driveway slabs.

Concrete Repair Solution in Kansas City, MO

Michael H. moved into his Kansas City, MO home four years ago. He started to notice that there was some cracking and settling on the sidewalk. Wanting to maintain the property and fix the concrete before the settling became worse, he contacted Thrasher for concrete repair solutions.

System Design Specialist Tom Studer went out to Michael’s home and completed a free inspection. The soil under their driveway and sidewalk was giving away due to poor soil conditions. After Tom explained the problem and our solution to fixing the concrete, our crews got to work. We repaired all the cracks and sealed the joints with NexusPro Joint Sealant. Then we also applied SealantPro over the concrete, giving the area a protective layer. Michael was happy with our service, the production crew and our attention to detail.

Concrete Service in Liberty, MO

Homeowners in Liberty, MO were needing some concrete repair for their Liberty, MO home. Sections of the concrete had some major settlement and it had become a major tripping hazard. The Thrasher crew went out to their home. First, we applied PolyLevel to the settled areas, bringing the area back to level. Then we applied NexusPro Joint Sealant to prevent any more movement and close up the cracks.

Driveway Concrete Repair in Kansas City, MO

A homeowner in Kansas City, MO was tired of struggling to pull her car into the driveway. The bottom two slabs had settled and made pulling in difficult. The Thrasher crew was able to fix the concrete. We started with leveling the settled areas with PolyLevel an injectable foam. We then closed the joints and cracks with NexusPro Joint Sealant. 

Removed Drywall Revealed Structural Foundation Damage in this Kansas City Fixer Upper

Terry M. bought this home with hopes to fix it up and use as a rental property. Once water started coming in through the basement, Terry wanted to get to the bottom of it. After removing drywall in the basement, it was revealed this house had more than just surface level issues. They found extreme bowing of the wall and structural damage to the foundation. 

After finding these structural issues, Terry was at a crossroads: cut their losses and sell to a fixer-upper company or invest in their property and fix the foundation. Terry started reaching out to a few foundation repair companies and the only one that would help them with repairing both the foundation wall and water damage was Thrasher Foundation Repair.

When we came out on site to inspect the home, we advised that in order to keep the foundation wall from caving in, we needed to rebuild it completely. We suggested our Everbrace System to stabilize the house from the foundation wall collapsing inward because of the extreme hydrostatic pressure that was built around the foundation. On top of that, we also recommended our WaterGuard system for the foundation wall because we noticed water was leaking in through the cracks on the walls and flooding the basement during heavy rainfall.

Now Terry can get back to work, fix up this home, and start using it as a rental property, knowing that his future renters would not have to live in a home with a wet basement and foundation problems.


Removed Drywall Revealed Structural Foundation Damage in this Kansas City Fixer Upper - Photo 1
Driveway Concrete Repair in Liberty, MO

Rick H. noticed his driveway had fallen once again. Even after having mudjacking done in the past (we don't suggest this and here's why). It was especially noticeable when he would pull in his truck. Which made him worried when he would ramp his truck up and into the back of the garage. So he decided to call Thrasher. 

We sent System Design Specialist, Josh Krestine, out to Rick's home to assess the situation. He found that the soil under Rick's driveway was eroding from water. Which explains why the concrete was falling. To fix this issue, we ended up using PolyLevel foam to lift up the concrete back to flush. This makes sure the concrete will never move again. We also used Nexus Pro around the border of the lift to seal up joints in order to keep water going under that PolyLevel.

Foundation Repair in Excelsior Springs, MO

Chuck's home was built in 2000. A few years ago, he started seeing those very common stair-stepping cracks on the brick of his home. Once he realized his kitchen backsplash was beginning to pull away, he realized he had a bigger problem. To maintain his home and prevent further damage, he called Thrasher. 

We sent out Tom Studer to look at Chuck's foundation and develop a plan to fix the issues. Tom found that the extreme weight of the home was causing the soil particles to consolidate tighter, which then caused the home's footing to drop. To fix this, our team installed our push pier system to stabilize and lift a portion of his house. This helped push the cracks on the brick closer together. Our Push Pier system is highly effective; the piers are made of galvanized steel that fit together to reach depths where they can find firm footing in load-bearing soil. They are anchored with pier brackets that extend under the entire foundation wall, shifting the weight onto the push pier and leveraging its push into the ground.

Chuck was pleased with the results and is now less stressed about his home's foundation! 

Foundation Repair in Excelsior Springs, MO - Photo 1
Concrete Safety Concern in Liberty, MO

This homeowner, Brad, knew it was time to get his concrete driveway and sidewalk fixed when his elderly neighbor tripped and fell over. Brad called up Thrasher and Josh Krestine, one of our System Design Specialist, meet with him. Josh determined the soil under his drive and walk way were eroding due to the long heavy rains after a dry season. This can cause the concrete to sink! Josh proposed Thrasher use a polyfoam in order to lift, level, and stabilize the concrete from any further settlement. Brad liked this idea, especially because he liked having his friends over, and worried about their safety. Thrasher drilled a couple of dime sized holes into his concrete, filled the gap under the concrete with our PolyLevel Foam, and filled the dime sized holes back in. After just a few minutes, the concrete was level and safe to walk on! There is no doubt that Brad now hosts all the time with no fear of his friends tripping! 

Waterproofing in KCMO

This homeowner was hoping to finish out a corner of their basement and add an egress widow so that a bedroom could be added in the basement. They noticed water was coming in through that area, so their plans were at a stand still. They saw our trucks out everywhere as they were driving around for their work, so they did research online and once they saw reviews, they knew Thrasher was  good company. System Design Specialist, Derek Vaksdal, came out to meet with them. Derek surveyed the area to see what work would need to be done. He found a crack in the front wall, allowing water into the basement. It was also discovered that the wall was leaning out due to the stoop leaning out and taking it with it. Fortunately, Thrasher is great company with a large selection of repair products. Derek was able to put together a waterproofing plan that integrated well with their bedroom and coming egress. He also put together a plan to help the stoop and leaning wall by using our Polylevel to stabilize and level it back into place. There is no doubt that after this project this homeowner and his family can happily finish that corner of the basement without worries of water intrusion! 

Concrete Repair in KCMO

This homeowner was experiencing tripping hazards at his home. He wanted to save it and not replace, but needed professional opinions.  He knew of Thrashers reputation and had heard great things, so he gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Daryn Britton, came out to meet with him. Daryn did his inspection and survey of the area, and found there was failing soil under the slab. This was cashed by washout from rain over the years, along with the very dry season we were having. With little to no support under the slab, it started to sink and crack. Daryn came back to the homeowner with these findings, and together they decided on the best solution for him. They decided we do our 3-Part Concrete Protection System. This includes Polylevel to lift and level the concrete, NexusPro to seal the joints and cracks, and SealantPro to seal the top of the concrete protecting it from spalling and flaking. Polylevel and NexusPro are also waterproof, this prevents any further washout of the soil underneath. The homeowner was very happy and excited to get this project done. There is no doubt he has no more worries of tripping hazards, and have the peace of mind he was looking for. 

Basement Waterproofing in Kearney, MO

These homeowners owned this rental property and they have had water issues for a while. They wanted to make sure the basement was dry and healthy for the next renters. They knew of Thrasher, knew we serviced their area, and of our reputation, so they gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Ian Pfister, came out to meet with them. Ian saw the where the cinderblock foundation walls had cracked and letting water in. Ian went back to the homeowner with the findings and a solution. Together, they talked about the best option for this home and decided on installing our CleanSpace to the control the water and WaterGuard to allow to the water to drain towards the sump pump. Both of these systems prevent water from getting into the living space, and helps clean up the appearance. There is no doubt these homeowners have the peace of mind for their next renters. 

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