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I was surprised they were able to life up the floors right away! We are super happen with the finished...
Testimonial by Lawrence W. from Springfield, MO
You all were able to restore the aesthetic look we were striving for. Thank you!
Testimonial by Ann C. from Springfield, MO
Super excited about the new sump pump, and having all the downspouts buried!
Testimonial by Theresa B. from Springfield, MO
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Are you looking for help with foundation repair, concrete leveling, basement waterproofing, or crawl space encapsulation in Greene County? Thrasher Foundation Repair is Missouri's largest and most trusted home repair company. We specialize in repairing foundations, concrete, wet basements, and damp crawl spaces. Our motto is "There's only one right way" and we stand behind that with our highly-experienced inspectors and crews, proven products, transferable warranties and interest-free financing. You can trust that you're getting the best solution for your home or business, no matter what the problem.

Learn about the services we provide in Greene County and the surrounding area, or contact us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate!

Proven Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair Solutions in Greene County, MO

Thrasher Foundation Repair is trained and skilled in the latest foundation repair techniques. We can effectively repair any settlement-related problem, from foundation cracks, bowing basement walls, uneven floors, settlement sinking - you name it, we can fix it. Using patented products from Foundation Supportworks, we offer a fast, cost-effective, proven solution to your foundation and structural repair needs in Greene County, MO.

We offer a wide range of foundation, structural and concrete repair solutions, such as:

  • Helical/push pier systems
  • Wall anchors
  • Shotcrete
  • Crawl space jacks
  • Polyurethane concrete slab leveling

Most foundation repair jobs take less than a week to complete and our services include a detailed written estimate and many of our products include a written warranty. Call us today to request a free foundation inspection Greene County or the surrounding area.

Your Responsible Basement Waterproofing & Sump Pump Contractor

If you have a damp, leaky basement or issues with basement flooding, Thrasher Foundation Repair is your expert for a proven, cost-effective basement waterproofing solution. No matter what's causing your wet basement problem, we can fix it! We'll inspect your home inside and out and design and install a waterproofing system to meet your needs.

Having a wet or leaky basement is not only an inconvenience, but the moisture, dampness and mold caused by the water can lead to health problems and added repair expenses. That's why we offer a full range of basement repairs and waterproofing solutions designed to tackle the problem:

  • Basement sump pumps
  • Interior perimeter drainage systems
  • Wall and floor crack repair
  • Basement dehumidifiers
  • Radiant & vapor barriers
  • Insulated basement wall panels

Our patented WaterGuard drainage system doesn't require excavation, can typically be installed in just two days, and includes a transferable lifetime warranty! Contact us to learn more and get a free basement inspection or sump pump installation estimate.

PolyLevel Concrete Lifting & Leveling Services in Greene County

Is your sidewalk or driveway sinking and uneven? How about your patio or front porch steps? Uneven concrete not only looks bad, but it can also be a dangerous tripping hazard. Concrete leveling is faster, less disruptive and more cost-effective than tearing out and replacing the concrete.

Thrasher Foundation Repair uses a process called PolyLevel to permanently lift and stabilize sinking concrete slabs with a high-density polyurethane formula. PolyLevel concrete repair offers many advantages:

  • Lightweight - Won't add weight to existing soil
  • Waterproof - Won't wash out
  • High-capacity - Lifts heavy loads
  • Minimal disruption to your slab and property
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great for leveling sidewalks, driveways, pool decks

If you have a slab foundation or concrete outside your home that you need re-leveled, Thrasher Foundation Repair is your expert contractor. Call today to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and estimate!

Trusted Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair

Do you have a damp, nasty crawl space below your home? How about musty odors inside your home or cold floors over your crawl space? Thrasher Foundation Repair solves these problems with our state-of-the-art CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system.

We install the moisture barrier on the crawl space floor to eliminate excess moisture and musty smells. Crawl space insulation is added to the walls for added comfort and energy efficiency. What you get is a dry, usable crawl space and improved comfort and healthier air inside your home.

We offer a full range of crawl space repair & encapsulation solutions in Greene County, including:

  • Crawl space dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space sump pumps
  • Vapor barriers
  • Access doors
  • Crawl space structural supports

Before and After Pictures from Greene County

Job Stories From Greene County, MO
Push Piers Stabilize Porch in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO recently bought her home. Looking to start making the home her own, she wanted to redo the front porch. But there was some settlement occurring that needed to be fixed first. After seeing a Thrasher ad, she decided to give us a call.

Our team went out to her home and was able to see that the previous owners had tried to fix it by installing shims beneath the roof to keep the porch level. We were able to install push piers, stabilizing the porch and lifting it back up to meet the roof.

Driveway Repair in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO was growing frustrated with the concrete in front of his garage. There was a lot of cracking and settlement, and people would also trip when walking up the driveway. The Thrasher crew was able to fix the driveway. We started by using PolyLevel and lifting the areas where settlement had occurred. Then we closed the cracks and joints with NexusPro Crack Repair. 

Driveway Restoration in Springfield, MO

This Springfield, MO homeowner was frustrated with the appearance of their driveway for years. The driveway had sunk in multiple areas and was cracked throughout the surface. They gave Thrasher a call because of our reputation and recommendations from friends about our concrete repair solutions.

Thrasher arrived at the home in Springfield, MO, and immediately began installing our 2-part concrete protection system. First, our PolyLevel foam is injected underneath the concrete to lift and level the surface of all sunken areas. Then, the NexusPro sealer is applied to all cracks and control joints to seal off the surface from any future water infiltration. These two products combined form the ultimate concrete repair solution. The homeowner was pleased with their Thrasher experience from start to finish. They were relieved to have their driveway restored to enhance the curb appeal of the home.

Concrete Repair in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO, needed some concrete repair done in the front and back of the home. Crews installed CompressionGuard on the driveway to help with expansion. Then used PolyLevel to level the uneven spots in the front and back. They also used NexusPro Joint Sealant to fill the voids. 

Foundation Repair in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO, was worried about slopping floors in the kitchen. The crew was able to see that there was space between the foundation walls and the main beam. We installed Smart Jacks and a supplemental beam to fix the slopping area. 

Concrete Fix in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO previously had the driveway mud jacked and it started to settle again. The Thrasher crew installed a CompressionGuard so the driveway could expand without ruining the concrete. Then we used our 3-part concrete system to lift, level, and protect the driveway. 

Basement Waterproofing in Springfield, MO

A homeowner in Springfield, MO, needed some help with waterproofing his basement. He had some concerns about one of the foundation walls and the amount of water that would come through the wall. He discussed his concerns with the Thrasher crew and we installed WaterGuard along the west wall of the basement and installed a TripleSafe Sump Pump. 

Concrete Repair in Republic, MO

At this home in Republic, MO, the concrete had settled significantly over the years. Mainly on the customer's driveway and patio leading to the front door. To protect their home and restore its value, they reached out to us for a free inspection.

After meeting with our System Design Specialist Zach Hodges, they knew our concrete repair solutions were the best for them. Our crews arrived at the home in Republic, MO, and began the project by installing our PolyLevel concrete lifting foam to permanently level the uneven slabs. Then, we used NexusPro joint sealant to seal all cracks and control joints to prevent any water infiltration in the future. The customers concrete in front of their home was left looking brand-new, and they could not have been more pleased with their Thrasher experience.

Driveway Repair in Willard, MO

In Willard, MO, this homeowner was frustrated with the continuous settling of their driveway and front walkway. Looking for a permanent solution, they gave Thrasher a call to provide industry-leading customer service and products. 

The downspout positioned next to the concrete had caused the soil underneath to wash out, creating voids and allowing the slabs to sink. Our crews installed our PolyLevel lifting foam to level and stabilize the surface and then sealed all cracks and control joints using our NexusPro sealer. 

It was rewarding to restore this customer's peace of mind and enhance their enjoyment of their greatest investment. 

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Battlefield, MO

In Battlefield, MO, this homeowner had extremely high humidity levels in their house that caused moisture issues and mold growth. After a free inspection appointment with one of our System Design Specialists, they became educated on our industry-leading solutions and why our processes were the best for their home.

Our crews arrived at the home in Battlefield, MO, to begin encapsulating the crawlspace using our CleanSpace waterproof barrier, drainage matting, blocking vents, and adding a new entrance to the space!

Crawl Space Foundation Leveling in Strafford, MO

The Customer was unable to close his bedroom door for nearly a year. He had tried to reframe the door and sand it but to no avail. He was tired of his door sticking and concerned about his sinking home, and it bothered him every time he walked through the doorway. e contacted us to see if it was a foundation issue.

Our System Design Specialist noticed a large crack above the doorway inside and that the interior load bearing wall was not properly supported by the existing supports. The homeowner had tried several times in several other ways to fix the issue. He tried big box store jacks and also tried to poor new columns and footings himself that did not address the soil issues. 

We used a SmartJack system to solve the issue. Our system disperses the load using a galvanized steel plate and increases the surface area of the dirt contact. This plate disperses the load by 90% and it was able to address the soil issues once and for all. Our system can also be tightened over time and ultimately lift the home back up.

It fixed my door immediately and the homeowner was impressed.


Crawl Space Foundation Leveling in Strafford, MO - Photo 1
Crawl Space Encapsulation and waterproofing in Ash Grove, MO

The homeowner is in their forever home and noticed moister in their crawl space and that their floors we unlevel. They called Thrasher to come out and take a look. We came out and found that the main beam had settled 1 1/2 inches and had extremely high moisture content causing mold and rot. to fix these problems, we installed SmartJacks to lift the settled beam and encapsulated the crawlspace with a smart sump and dehumidifier to fight off the moister, mold and rot.  

Crawl Space Encapsulation and waterproofing in Ash Grove, MO - Photo 1
Concrete Increases a Home's Value in Springfield, MO

This homeowner wanted to fix her concrete slab in order to sell her home for top dollar. She gave us a call for her free estimate because she had heard of our reputation. 

We sent System Design Specialist Brock Jackson to inspect the concrete and help her repair it. Brock noticed that her walkway had settled due to the downspout dumping water underneath the slab and washing away the soil. Brock reassured the homeowner that there was a simple solution to her problem and that he was just there to help her. Our team used PolyLevel Concrete Leveling and NexusPro Cracked Concrete Repair to lift, level, and seal the concrete from water invading it. Now, she won't have any problem with water getting under her concrete, as there is no path for the water to flow.

The homeowner is very happy with the solution because she knows that she won't have any issues selling her home for top dollar now. 

Concrete Settlement in Springfield, MO

This couple were living in their forever home when they noticed their driveway was settling. They had heard about Thrasher, and how we are family owned, and gave us a call! One of our System Design Specialists, Brock Jackson, met with these homeowners! After doing the inspection, Brock determined the soil under the concrete had eroded, causing the settling to happen. Brock proposed Thrasher use our PolyLevel Foam and Nexuspro to lift and level the concrete, and seal the joints and cracks. The homeowners loved this idea and were very excited to watch the videos on how it worked! They were so excited with the end results as their home was back to being flat and free of trip hazards! 

Sagging Floors in Springfield, MO

These homeowners have been dreaming of finishing their home, but they knew they could not start until they fixed their sagging floors. They called Thrasher because they knew of our long standing reputation. They needed a contractor they could trust and would get the job done right the first time. One of our System Design Specialists, Nick Tiberghien, went out to meet them. Nick found the the problem of the sagging floors was due to improper support and high moisture levels. The beams that were down in the crawlspace already were too far apart, causing the floors to sag, and the high moisture caused the wooden beams to weaken oven time. Nick proposed to fix the problem by adding additional support to the floors. Adding two supplemental beams, held by SmartJacks, stabilize the floors and provide plenty of support to lift them back up and prevent any future sagging. The homeowner was surprised how quickly the floors were able to rise back up and there is no doubt they are happily finishing the rest of their home

Concrete Repair in Brookline, MO

This small business owner works on tractors all day in the back of their shop. They started to notice the area where they bring the tractors in and out of started to settle. This was bad news for them, because they drive tractors over this area all day long. They knew they needed a quality fix, and fast, so they called Thrasher. One of our System Design Specialists, Brock Jackson, came out to meet with them. Brock noticed the shop floor where they pull the tractors in and out had settled because of the soil underneath the concrete. It was starting to gape open along the joints allowing water to get in and wash away the soil as well. Brock proposed we fix this issue using out PolyLevel foam as well as our NexusPro. PolyLevel is a foam like substance, that is injected under the concrete, expands, then hardens. This fills in the voids under the concrete and gives the concrete the support it needs. It is also waterproof, which mean it won't wash away like traditional mudjacking tends to do! NexusPro is used to fill in any gas, joints, or cracks in the concrete. This also keeps water from getting under the concrete. This 2-Part concrete solution is a great waterproof alternative to mudjacking, as it keeps the concrete in place long term! We were so happy to help this small business owner get back to work with much ease. There is no doubt they will not have to worry about their concrete sinking anymore! 

Tripping Hazards no more at home in Springfield, MO

These homeowners wanted to maintain the full value of their home. With all the cracked concrete they had, they knew getting the concrete repaired would bring them the curb appeal that would matter when the time comes to sell. They called Thrasher to come inspect all the concrete issues to determine what could be done. They knew would do it right.

When we came out for their free inspection, we noticed slight settling in the driveway and extreme settlement on the sidewalk alongside the house. There was also street creep taking effect on the home's foundation we wanted to address as well This was caused by the concrete from the street expanding and pushing the driveway into the house.  

To eliminate the street creep, we installed Compression Guard, allowing for the swelling and shrinking of the road against the driveway. For the rest of the settling concrete, we used PolyLevel to lift and level the slabs back to the correct positions. NexusPro was then used to seal the cracks and joints. It was a difficult lift on the sidewalk but it turned out great 






Tripping Hazards no more at home in Springfield, MO - Photo 1
Waterproofing in Springfield, MO

In Springfield MO, customer was having water coming through the floor of her basement causing potential damage to the finished parts of her basement. She was tired of having water in her basement every time it rained, had the hassle of having to clean it up. This customer read our reviews online and decided to have us come out to help her with her problems.


We removed the old sump pump and the concrete enclosure and installed our TripleSafe sump pump to collect the water under the concrete and have an exit for the water that was pooling in the corner of her basement. Our crew also installed our RainDrop gutter guards to her home, to prevent her gutters from clogging and keeping water away from the foundation of her home.  

Sidewalk Repair in Springfield

This homeowner was looking to remove the tripping hazard and sloping of the concrete so that friends can use the front entrance when coming over again and feel safe.  She was also looking to get a fix versus replacing, so she gave Thrasher a call. System Design Specialist, Kyle Linback, came out to meet with her. Kyle found washout from years of rain and the dry soil from the drought caused the soil the shrink. This then caused the concrete to sink and crack. Kyle proposed we use our 2-Part Concrete Protection System. Polylevel would be used to lift and level the concrete back into place and NexusPro to fill in the cracks and joints and prevent from happening again. The homeowner loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. There is no doubt she is happy with the work and does not have to worry about her friends tripping while entering her home! 

Mold Control in Springfield, MO

Alice was experiencing some mold growing on a few items in the storage area of the basement. She knew she needed to put a stop to this for the health of her family and her home. She heard of Thrasher and after reading our reviews she knew we were the company for her. She gave us a call and System Design Specialist, Kyle Linback, came out to help. Kyle did his inspection and found there were high humidity levels and letting mold and dust mites to thrive on many of the surface areas including some of the items the homeowner was storing in the this area. To combat this issue, Kyle proposed we use a Sanidry Dehumidifier to control the moisture levels and keep the humidity below 50% to kill all the moisture and dust mites, as well as prevent them from coming back. Alice loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. There is no doubt this family will not have to worry about any mold problems in the near future! 

Porch Pillar Repair in Springfield, MO

Ann and Howard are living in their forever home and have been noticing that below the pillars that support their back deck, the concrete was cracking and starting to sink. They wanted to make sure their porch wasn't going to fall down, but also wanted to have a neat appearance. The couple did their research and liked our before and after photos we had. Aesthetic was a big importance for them, so they gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Austin Harris, came out to meet with them. Austin did his inspection and found the root of the problem. The problem was the pillars that support the deck put a massive strain on the concrete below. Being that the concrete ended at those pillars, water was allowed to stack up next to it and wash away the supporting soils underneath. The concrete then falls into that void and creates cracks. To permanently fix this issue, we used PolyLevel under the slab to bring it back up to its original position. We use this foam solution because it is lightweight, it compacts the soil underneath, and it is hydrophobic. To seal the joints and cracks, we used NexusPro. This is also waterproof, to prevent water from getting under the slabs. There is no doubt they have peace of mind and enjoy their aesthetic look they wanted. 

Gutter Guards in Lincoln, NE

Fred and Pat have a hard time cleaning their gutters, but do not want to continue to pay someone to clean them. They had tried putting different covers on their gutters, but all of them had failed. They called Thrasher because we had done work for them in the past, so they knew we would take care of them. System Design Specialist, Caleb Spradlin, came out to meet with them. To combat their over flowing gutter issue, we installed Raindrop. Raindrop gutter covers seal the corners to make sure the water is flowing in the right direction. The homeowners loved this solution and we know they have peace of mind of their gutters. 

Hanging Clean Space

Our team hard at work installing some basement waterproofing in Springfield.

Tiny Home Community Service Day

Our team planted over 100 shrubs in this tiny home community for the homeless. Additionally, we grilled and served over 20 meals. 

Tiny Home Community Service Day - Photo 1
Helping Harmony House

Our Springfield team gathered several donations for Harmony House, an organization providing shelter, advocacy, and education to survivors of domestic violence. 

Helping Harmony House - Photo 1

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