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With over 45 years of experience, Thrashers’s team of structural engineers will repair your damaged concrete.

What do we fix?

  • Cracked concrete driveways
  • Uneven sidewalk slabs
  • Sunken porch steps
  • Unlevel pool decks
  • And more!

Our concrete repair technicians will come to your home free of charge and obligation to inspect the problem area and provide a written estimate. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for your free concrete repair estimate!

Common Concrete Problems in Kansas City

Your cracked concrete can be a real eyesore and a falling hazard. These unfortunate concrete cracks can even lower your property value. Repairing your cracked concrete is a breeze with Thrasher Foundation Repair. We offer concrete crack repair and leveling solutions to fix your damaged concrete. Our solutions instantly increase curb appeal and are quick to install.

Concrete repair products:

  • We lift and stabilize unlevel concrete using our PolyLevel concrete leveling solution..
  • We fix damaged concrete slabs and fill control joints using our durable NexusPro crack repair system.
  • We seal the concrete surface and protect it from the elements with SealantPro.

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Proven Concrete Solutions in Kansas City

Your concrete is affected by the unpredictable weather patterns of Kansas City. At Thrasher Foundation Repair, we offer three main concrete repair solutions, all fully equipped with a 5-year warranty.

Concrete leveling

Sinking concrete is no match for our patented concrete leveling system at Thrasher Foundation Repair. PolyLevel is a lightweight, polyurethane foam that is exclusive to specific concrete repair contractors. It expands upon application to lift and support your concrete without placing anymore weight on the soil below. PolyLevel is quick to cure, which means you will usually be able to use your concrete that day.

Concrete caulking

NexusPro is our main concrete caulking solution at Thrasher Foundation Repair. It is a silicone-based crack and joint sealant that is durable enough to prevent moisture from seeping beneath your concrete. NexusPro is resistant to UV rays, which means it will not crack, bubble or dry.

Concrete sealing

Permanently sealing your concrete is simple with our SealantPro solution. SealantPro extends your concrete’s life by 3-5 times with just one application. The value and curb appeal of your Kansas City home instantly increase with the sleek look of this product. It even reduces ice bonding, which makes ice removal easier.

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At Thrasher Foundation Repair our priority is satisfaction, efficiency, property protection and respect for you and your home while we install one of our high-quality solutions. We proudly serve Kansas City, MO and nearby. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

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Driveway slab in front of garage door needs to be lifted.

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Water sealing

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My foundation has a large crack visible from the outside. Another smaller crack on a different part as well.

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Cracks in drywall

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Sinking/cracking driveway and some cracking at main door entrance

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I need a quote on foundation repair. Wall is leaning and there are cracks

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Bowed wall and sinking wall

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Sunken driveway and front steps

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Heavy rains cause water to come into my basement

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Cracks in drywall, water in basement, cracks in concrete

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My driveway is starting to settle a little bit. I dug up a small area next to the driveway to ensure a water sprinkler was not leeking and i was able to stick a piece of wood 6 feet long under the driveway. I did a half circle and never hit anything. If i had to guess, the gap between the driveway and soil beneath was 6 inches

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64116

Leveling concrete sidewalk and steps.

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64131

My driveway is sinking on one side as well as my walkway from the street and from the driveway to my front door has cracks as well.

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Need driveway mud jacked.

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A couple of doors are not closing properly, My garage doors wont close properly due to cracks in the garage floor. crack in the wall.

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Cracks in the floor, evidence of water in the basement

Neighborhood: Kansas City, 64151

Water coming in the basement from driveway above

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Service: Foundation cracks or sinking

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We have cracks forming in drywall and signs of settling of the building. I believe there is bowing of the cinderblock foundation