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Does your home or commercial property have bowing foundation walls or leaky windows in the basement? There is no reason to worry — Thrasher Foundation Repair is your trusted expert, providing solutions for these problems and so much more since 1975.

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Loveland foundation repair for uneven floors & more

Small foundation problems can seem like not a big deal. However, issues with your foundation can get worse and affect your entire home or business. Foundation problems can result in moisture intrusion, cracked drywall, tilting chimneys, and sticking doors and windows. Whether you have a cracked foundation, bowing walls, or foundation settlement, we offer permanent solutions for these structural issues and more.

Foundation Problems We Fix:

  • Foundation settlement & sinking
  • Sticking windows & doors
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting & bowing walls
  • Cracked foundation walls & floors
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our Foundation Repair Products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers & helical piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Street creep repairs
  • Foundation wall brace & beams
  • Carbon fiber wall straps
  • Foundation settlement repair
  • Foundation crack repair

Schedule a free foundation inspection and service estimate to get personalized repair solutions for your property. We proudly serve Loveland and nearby areas in Colorado.

Fix your wet basement with the help of Thrasher Foundation Repair!

If your home or building has leaky egress windows, damp walls, excess condensation, mold, or other moisture intrusion problems, contact the basement waterproofing experts at Thrasher Foundation Repair.

We can eliminate basement flooding and leaking with a patented waterproofing system customized to suit any property, creating a dry below-grade space and keeping it that way for years to come! We proudly serve Loveland and nearby areas in Colorado.

Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection and service estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Loveland and nearby areas in Colorado.

Our basement waterproofing system includes:

  • Interior drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Replacement egress windows
  • Window wells
  • Mold treatment
  • Dehumidifiers

Effective crawl space encapsulation & crawl space repairs in Loveland

Do you have a musty, wet, and humid crawl space in your home or building? Don’t deal with the mess on your own. Contact the crawl space encapsulation and repair professionals at Thrasher Foundation Repair! We provide a suite of crawl space solutions designed to create a drier, more secure area, including a moisture-proof vapor barrier, crawl space doors, crawl space support jacks, and more.


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For the last 45 years in the basement and foundation repair industry, we've focused on the value of doing whatever it takes to get the job done and "wow" our customers every step of the way.

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Before and After Pictures from Loveland
Push Piers in Loveland, CO.

Push Piers in Loveland, CO.

Before After
Push Piers in Loveland, CO. Push Piers in Loveland, CO.

Russ M. and his brother own a building that is over one hundred years old. They began to notice there were cracks in the foundation walls, and the floors began to sag. They knew it was time to find a solution to help with their settling building. Foundation begins to crack and settle simply because of the dirt or soil it is sitting on. Over time, soil begins to erode and shift, causing the weight of the structure to shift with the movement as well. This will cause cracking, settling, and even sinking floors. 


For this job, Push Piers were installed. This product is made of galvanized steel and allows our team to push down into the earth, to help lift the existing structure. These piers were installed on the inside of the structure, underneath the flooring. Russ and his brother can now rest easy that this one-hundred-year-old building will be preserved for the future. 

Front Stoop Sinking Solved in Loveland, CO

Front Stoop Sinking Solved in Loveland, CO

Before After
Front Stoop Sinking Solved in Loveland, CO Front Stoop Sinking Solved in Loveland, CO

These homeowners were concerned about their front stoop as well as their foundation. The knew this problem had gone on for years, however it seemed to be presenting more problem with their flowerbed now, so they wanted to get it fixed. They wanted an honest assessment and solution, so they gave us a call to check out their front stoop.

We sent System Design Specialist Rob Griffin to inspect the front stoop and determine what was causing the problems as well as suggest a custom solution for these homeowners. Rob found that the front stoop was sinking for years, and the problem was worsened because of watering the flowers. He determined that when the homeowners watered their flowers, the soil underneath the flower bed would shrink, allowing for the front stoop to sink. After showing these findings to the homeowner, Rob scheduled an installation appointment with them for custom solutions to fix their settling front stoop.

One of our installation teams came to this home and utilized 2 Helical Piers to lift and stabilize the front stoop. When they finished lifting the front stoop, they used NexusPro sealant to prevent water from getting through the concrete cracks and causing settlement again. The homeowners were so happy with their newly restored front stoop. Check out the lifted and front stoop!

Recent job requests in Loveland, CO

Neighborhood: Loveland, 80538

Driveway sinking

Neighborhood: Wrangler Way, Loveland, 80537

With all the recent rain, we saw water coming in all around the egress window in our Kids bedroom and what looked to be cracks on the foundation wall above the egress window outside. The other egress window in the master bedroom is also leaking as well. We would like to have this situation looked and plan formed to correct all involved parts. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Neighborhood: Loveland, 80537

Water is coming in the basement from unknown parts.

Neighborhood: Aspen Pl, Loveland, 80538

Dirt floor and I live very near the water table. Standing water in wet years. Current it's mud down there. Humidity in the wood is 15-17%.

Neighborhood: Loveland, 80537

Service: Concrete repair

Neighborhood: Garo Ct., Loveland, 80538

Neighborhood: Angora Drive, Loveland, 80537

7 year old home, concrete entry way. Soil under entry has washed away. Can email picturr

Neighborhood: Dafina Drive, Loveland, 80537

The concrete walk and driveway have sunk down 1-2 inches, and need to be lifted.

Neighborhood: Evergreen Pl, Loveland, 80538

We have an area on the driveway that is cracked and needs leveling.

Neighborhood: Loveland, 80538

We just purchased a home in Loveland (built in 1972) and have some concerns about the foundation we'd like to have inspected. There has been some lateral movement and we wanted to understand the severity of the issue as well as what repairs would be required. Thanks!

Neighborhood: Loveland, 80538

Neighborhood: Loveland, 80538

Basement walls are separating from ceiling and show shift and settling at window frames.

Neighborhood: Sweetgrass Dr, Loveland, 80537

Waterproofing wet crawl space

Neighborhood: Loveland, 80537

We are in the process of installing two egress windows in our basement. The windows have been installed but the engineering drawings we received have mentioned we need a vertical foundation support on either side of our windows. Our foundation has some minor cracking but it is not bowing. I would like to get a quote to let us know if we need these supports for one but also how much it would cost to have them installed. I can usually be easier to reach through email so I would prefer to be contacted that way. Thanks

Neighborhood: Loveland, 80538

We have a small damp spot on bottom of basement wall at baseboard. I would like an estimate to get this fixed.
Job Stories From Loveland, CO
Stair-Step Cracking in Loveland, CO

This home was a multi-generational family home that was struggling with foundation settlement. When System Design Specialist Sean Robinson went to inspect the settlement, he found that not only was the settlement causing structural problems, but it also caused stair-step cracking along the exterior brick walls, drywall cracks inside the home, doors and windows sticking, and a concern for the younger generations that live in the home. 

When faced with a foundation settlement problem such as this, there are a couple of options that we can suggest. We service foundation settlement with Helical Piers and Push Piers which both raise the foundation by going deep into the earth and strengthening the home's structure in those levels instead of soil that can easily wash away. In the case of this home, we would recommend Push Piers that use the weight of the home itself to push piers into the earth, then raise the home back to its original level. 

Stair-Step Cracking in Loveland, CO - Photo 1
Push Piers to Level Foundation in Loveland, CO.

Russ M. and his brother own a building in Loveland, CO. that is around one hundred years old. They began to notice that the foundation was settling, and wanted to make sure that this building could last another one hundred years. Russ was referred to Thrasher by another tenant in the office spaces within the building. 


When our Sales Design Specialist, Anthony S., went out to the property he could visibly see the backside of the building settling. Foundation settling simply comes from the weight of the structure sitting on the soil below. When the soil begins to settle, the structure will soon follow. This one-hundred-year-old building had been settling for years, causing cracking walls, and sagging floors. Due to the building being a shared property, there were a few extra steps that needed to be taken that wouldn't affect the property lines. Anthony and the Thrasher Denver team were able to come up with a solution that would allow for push piers to be used inside of the building. 


Push piers are made of galvanized steel and allow our crews to dig down into the earth, to help push the structure upwards. This is also a great way to stabilize the structure from further settling. This specific project was designed to install the push piers inside the building when they are generally installed outside. The team was able to get below the flooring and install the piers to help preserve the structure of this historic building. 


Push Piers to Level Foundation in Loveland, CO. - Photo 1