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Concrete is prone to deterioration over time. Cracking, chipping, spalling, and eroding concrete can result from a variety of issues, but you and your property need solutions to every one of them. When you're in need of Omaha concrete repair services, Thrasher Foundation Repair is here to help.

Thrasher Foundation Repair provides top-tier concrete lifting & leveling expertise in Omaha and throughout the nearby areas. Our field teams are meticulously trained in identifying the causes of concrete damages and prescribing precise solutions to provide lasting results. When you’re ready to get a handle on your concrete issues, give us a call. We offer no-cost, no-obligation service estimates!

Concrete Repair & Leveling – Close to Home

Excellence in the concrete repair business in Omaha can only be achieved through a single path – experience. With Thrasher Foundation Repair, you can be assured that we’ve got experience in spades. Through our 50-year tenure as Omaha’s premier concrete repair contractor, we've developed an innovative portfolio of concrete repair and leveling solutions guaranteed to fit your precise needs. Our services include concrete leveling & lifting, concrete sealing, concrete caulking, and full-service concrete repair in Omaha. When you work with Thrasher Foundation Repair, you’re working with the best.

PolyLevel Installation

Concrete Repair in Omaha, with PolyLevel®

Concrete caulk crack sealing

Expert concrete caulking and concrete sealing services

Concrete driveway sealing

Complete concrete leveling, lifting, restoration, and protection services from Thrasher Foundation Repair

Concrete Repair Solutions in Omaha

  • Concrete Leveling - PolyLevel®: Sunken sidewalks, cracked driveways, and uneven pool decks are an unsightly, frustrating, and potentially dangerous issue for your property. Apart from draining on your home’s value and curb appeal, sunken concrete can create tripping hazards if the decay gets out of control. To solve this common issue, Thrasher Foundation Repair has developed PolyLevel®. Our system offers a fast, reliable method for lifting and stabilizing sinking concrete slabs. Using high-density, expandable polyurethane foam injections at key sites across the sunken slab, we can lift concrete without increasing load weights on the sub-slab soils. Our process prevents wash-out and dry-out issues associated with traditional mudjacking. The foam is injected beneath the slab, lifting the concrete until it regains its original or desired level.
  • Concrete Caulking and Concrete Sealing: Cracks and chips in concrete sidewalks, pool decks, and patios are caused by combinations of environmental pressures. Spalling and chipping can be caused by repeated freeze and thaw cycles, as moisture trapped in the slab’s porous surface expands and contracts as temperature changes. Cracks can form as wind and water take their toll on concrete surfaces through the years. We offer a concrete caulking solution, NexusPro™, which is used to fill cracks, control joints, and other gaps in your concrete slab. The process of caulking extends the lifespan of concrete surfaces, sealing damaged or deteriorating areas and extending the structure’s overall lifespan by preventing the damages from worsening.
  • Complete Concrete Repair Services in Omaha: Using a combination of PolyLevel® lifting, NexusPro™ caulking, and SealantPro™ concrete sealant, we can level and repair any sinking or deteriorating concrete slab. This three-pronged approach to Omaha concrete repair ensures lasting, beautiful results for your home.

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Recent job requests in Omaha

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Foundation cracking on wall

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68154

Water is leaking in my basement through the walls. There is moisture in the walls and efflorescence on the cinder block when I cut through the dry wall showing signs of water that may have been coming through for a while.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68142

Uneven spot on sidewalk, back patio areas of uneven concrete and areas where water is pooling.

Neighborhood: Lillian Street, Omaha, 68136

Crack repair and PolyLevel, front driveway and back yard patio

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68135

Hi there, I am wondering if I can have an estimate for my driveway. I am not sure if you can repair it or if it needs to be replaced. I would also like an estimate for my sunken front porch step! Thanks!

Neighborhood: Dillon Dr, Omaha, 68132

Our gutters need to be cleaned.

Neighborhood: N/a, Omaha, 68106

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68116

Service: Water in my basement

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68130

Service: Water in my basement

Neighborhood: Cottonwood Ave, Omaha, 68136

Our front steps are sinking and concrete slab next to the front stoop is sinking as well, causing water to drain in the wrong direction.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68118

Service: Concrete repair

Neighborhood: Taylor St., Omaha, 68164

Cracks in house interior and gutters have bad downflow in bad locations need replaced or added to

Neighborhood: N/a, Omaha, 68135

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68136

Service: Concrete repair

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68132

Want to level concrete floor and waterproof the basement (we dont have any obvious damp issues).

Neighborhood: Olive Circle, Omaha, 68136

Garage floor resurfacing, raising driveway to match garage floor

Neighborhood: Miami St., Omaha, 68106

Some spots of water penetration/effloresence happening in basement. Want to inquire if updated waterproofing is needed, if the minimal amount is okay, and/or if more supports need to be added to the house as well.

Neighborhood: N/a, Omaha, 68144

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68142

Concrete trash pad is sinking

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68104

I have a detached garage with a cracking/leaning foundation. I'd like to discuss repair/reinforcement options as well as gutter installation to prevent future water damage.