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Reviews From Previous Work in Omaha
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Crawl Space Encapsulation & Structural Repair in Omaha

The health of your home’s interior depends on how well its exterior performs, including your crawl space. Problems that start in the crawl space can spread to other areas of your home and leave it vulnerable to further damage. With the crawl space out of sight, common issues like humidity and leaks can be overlooked.

Crawl Space Repair in Omaha

Before & After: Crawl Space Encapsulation in Omaha, NE. Thrasher Foundation Repair's crawl space encapsulation improves indoor air quality and prevents mold growth, musty odors, insect infestation & more.

Crawl Space Repair in Omaha

Thrasher Foundation Repair installed crawl space support posts, as well as encapsulated the area to prevent structural and moisture damage.

Crawl Space Repair in Omaha

Thrasher Foundation Repair installs energy efficient dehumidifiers to help solve common Omaha crawl space issues.

Over time crawl spaces can develop leaks, cracks, or begin to shift from inadequate support. This can leave your whole home vulnerable to water damage, vapor intrusion, pests, and more. Look for these telltale signs of crawl space problems in your home.

Symptoms of Crawl Space Issues:

  • Interior drywall cracks
  • Drafts
  • Musty smells
  • Aggravation of indoor allergies
  • High energy bills
  • Uneven, sagging floors

Thrasher Foundation Repair offers a full range of proven effective crawl space repair products and solutions. Our team of professionals will identify the source of your crawl space damage and install reliable repair systems that are proven to last. Click below to schedule a free, on-site estimate in the Omaha area.

Local Crawl Space Repair Experts in Omaha & Nearby

Thrasher Foundation Repair has been a leader in the home contracting industry for over 45 years. With that experience, we have developed the best crawl space repair products available. We can install a complete crawl space repair system that fixes existing damage and prevents it from recurring.

Crawl Space Repair Services in Omaha:

  • Vapor barriers - Our crawl space vapor barriers keep out moisture and help protect your crawl space from mold, mildew, electrical shorts, and structural problems.
  • Encapsulation - Our crawl space encapsulation system is the best defense against water damage, keeping your crawl space clean, dry, and ready for use as storage.
  • Dehumidifiers - Our energy-efficient dehumidifier regulates humidity in your crawl space and keeps the air dry, preventing issues like wood rot, mold, mildew, and more.
  • Structural support - Our crawl space jacks restore sagging, failing crawl spaces to their original position and add reliable long-term support.

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Raise concrete pad and make it level on back patio and a little bit on the front patio

Neighborhood: Grover St, Omaha, 68144

I have two issues. My front stoop is sinking and needs to be fixed. I also want my driveway lifted and caulked if you can do that as well. Thanks.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68116

Service: Concrete repair

Neighborhood: Highland, Omaha, 68127

Driveway sinking

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68134

Driveway and patio have some places that need repair.

Neighborhood: Miami St, Omaha, 68111

Cracks in the walls and foundation sinking.

Neighborhood: Nebraska Avenue, Omaha, 68134

Looking for estimate on new egress windows installation for basement.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68135

Basement floor in house just bought appears lower/dipping in one corner - family members think its a water issue underneath.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68114

Service: Egress windows

Neighborhood: Omaha, Omaha, 68106

Sidewalk in front of house needs to be leveled

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68127

I've noticed some cracks in the foundation and want to get an expert opinion if repair is needed and if needed, an estimate for the cost to repair.

Neighborhood: Corby St, Omaha, 68116

I am wanting to put a bedroom in my basement and in so doing, understand that I would need to have an egress window installed to be within code.

Neighborhood: Woolworth Ave, Omaha, 68130

Concrete walkway by the front door steps need to be mud jacked.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68114

Two issues Driveaway leveling- currently have a slap that is lower than others and created a tripping hazard Front steps have significant crack would like to repair and fix cosmetically.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68104

Service: Bowing Walls

Neighborhood: Oakair Drive, Omaha, 68137

Interested in adding an egress window on east side of house. Currently have a small window.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68118

Caulking cracks in driveway. You did work for me before.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68114

Service: Foundation cracks or sinking

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68130

Current egress window has moved and allowed moisture and dirt into space; appears related to nearby downspout; dirt has disappeared from next to foundation.

Neighborhood: Jefferson St, Omaha, 68135

Sinking driveway concrete next to garage