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Thrasher did a great job of repairing two sides of foundation. Jon and his crew were here when they explained...
Testimonial by Connie A. from Omaha, NE
It seems like you are the main/only business that does this type of work. You might just be a lot better at...
Testimonial by Jessica H. from Omaha, NE
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Have you noticed cracks in your basement walls? Has your chimney started to tilt and pull away from your home? Got sticking doors or windows? Not to worry - we’ve got you covered. Thrasher Foundation Repair in Omaha is here to deliver a permanent solution for your foundation problems.

Thrasher Foundation Repair is Omaha’s premier foundation repair contractor, offering services throughout Omaha and the surrounding areas. We can identify and repair any foundation issue, from small cracks to sunken homes. We’re standing by to provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation service estimate. Call today!

Local foundation repair services in Omaha

Your home’s foundation is its most important structural component. Without a strong, stable foundation, your entire home is at risk of deterioration and damage over time. When you need expert analysis of your foundation’s issues and precision fixes to any problems identified, Thrasher Foundation Repair is the number to call. We’ve been in operation since 1975, developing deep expertise in foundation repair over nearly 50 years of service to the Omaha community.

Foundation wall crack repair Chimney repair with helical piles helical pier house leveling

Here are some of the services we provide for Omaha foundations:

  • Crack Repair: Foundation cracks in concrete foundation walls and/or floors can be a long-term detriment to your home’s structural integrity. We use helical piles, braces, carbon fiber straps, and other tools in a fully-customized solution designed to meet your exact needs.
  • Sunken Foundation Repair: Foundations are susceptible to sinking over time, usually caused by the gradual settlement of one area or all of a home’s foundation. A settling foundation can be incredibly damaging to your home and must be fixed as soon as symptoms develop. Thrasher Foundation Repair’s sunken foundation repair experts use push or helical piles to shift the weight of your structure onto a stronger load-bearing structure. These tools level out the sunken areas and improve the structural integrity of your home.
  • Street Creep Repair: Street creep occurs as concrete constructions, like your driveway and the street it leads to, contract during cold weather and expand as the weather warms. This cycle allows debris to enter cracks between sidewalks, streets, or driveways, which eventually forces slow but powerful pressures on your garage and foundation walls and floors. We can install new expansion joints in these cracks to mitigate the effects of the shrinking and expanding cycle of concrete, alleviating the pressure it causes and giving you peace of mind.
  • Leaning Chimneys: Your home’s chimney is one of its heaviest structural components, and can occasionally start to lean and pull away from your home if it lacks the proper support. This poses several risks, including the collapse of the chimney, combustible gas leaks, falling bricks, and more. Our foundation systems can lend additional support to a leaning chimney, preventing further damage and ensuring its safe usage for decades to come.
  • And more!

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Recent job requests in Omaha

Neighborhood: Keystone Drive, Omaha, 68134

Drive way and sidewalk leveling and fill cracks. gutter cleaning

Neighborhood: J Street, Omaha, 68135

Cracked driveway concrete leveling and sealing

Neighborhood: I Circle, Omaha, 68135

After a storm water got into basement storage room. Open ceiling with insulation. The insulation is still wet

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68116

Patio sloping towards house wall-Mud jacking

Neighborhood: Sheffield St., Omaha, 68122

Water coming in from around basement patio door possibly

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68135

We have a little water damage in the downstairs bedroom. Corner of the foundation on the south side. Just noticed wet carpet and damaged trim work.

Neighborhood: Jackson Drive, Omaha, 68118

During the large rain the last couple weeks I noticed water in my basement walls and windows.

Neighborhood: Hamilton Circle, Omaha, 68118

Gutter pulling away from fascia. Not draining. Sagging and water standing in gutter. 2nd floor gutter in back of house.

Neighborhood: STEVENS PLZ, Omaha, 68137

Clogged gutters

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68127

With the heavy rains I had water coming in our basement from one of the walls that had 2 small holes

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68104

Recent break in basement wall and leakage of water and soil.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68135

This is for my elderly mother's home, we need some mudjacking on the driveway, the front steps, and the rear patio

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68134

This past week when it rained we got water in our basement. We believe it is coming up from the floor. It has since been cleaned up and their is currently no water but we would like to prevent it from happening again.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68116

Gutter drooping down in the middle section of the side of the house exposing the roof rafter

Neighborhood: Shirley Street, Omaha, 68144

Some bubbling of our carpet tiles and perceived disturbance of asbestos tiles underneath. Drywall bubble as well.

Neighborhood: Seward Street Omaha, Omaha, 68118

Our foundation is cracking and the front by the garage is sagging/sinking creating separation. We also have several cracks or holes along the base of the corner of our house in the back.

Neighborhood: Orchard Ave, Omaha, 68135

Our sump pump backed up causing our basement to flood. When we took the carpet and pads up we noticed water coming up from cracks in the floor as well.

Neighborhood: Meredith Ave, Omaha, 68116

Basement flooded. Sump pump may not be working.

Neighborhood: Omaha, 68144

Water leaking in basement

Neighborhood: Larimore Ave, Omaha, 68111

Basement wall is bowing, foundation appears to be uneven and sinking. Need an estimate.