Work Requests in Omaha

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Learn more about Thrasher's recent work requests in Omaha, NE
Vicinity of in Omaha
In the unfinished area of our basement we have a spot where a small amount of water come in, only when we get very heavy rains. We are wanting advice on what to do about it.
Vicinity of Potter St in Omaha
Water in one corner of the basement when it rains hard for several days. I think I will need to dig out one side of the house seal the wall and install a French drain at the foundation. I would like an estimate for that and confirmation that it is what needs to be done.
Vicinity of Manderson in Omaha
Leaking basement southwest corner of house. Would like to get an estimate for options to fix.
Vicinity of Y Street in Omaha
I have a section of my driveway heaving. I'd like to see what it would cost to level out.
Vicinity of Frances St in Omaha
Egress windows
Vicinity of in Omaha
Driveway has cracks and slab leveling issues. Needs jacking and cracks sealed.
Vicinity of in Omaha
70 year old house with block foundation. Some foundation settling with cracks on interior walls and the foundation. Never have standing water issues however moisture seems to be an issue along the walls. Would like an opinion on the amount of worth that would be required.
Vicinity of Weber St in Omaha
I would like an estimate on repairing my driveway if possible.
Vicinity of Boyd St in Omaha
We have a walkout basement with a sliding door and a problem with water getting into the house underneath that door during a storm. You've actually come out to look at this problem twice before. The first time, we decided to try some other options before going for such a complicated fix. The second time, we were hoping to have the concrete pad outside the door re-poured so it would slope away from the house correctly, but the guy who came out told us that you weren't doing new concrete anymore, and referred us to another contractor. However, fixing the concrete failed to resolve the problem, so we'd like to go with your waterproofing system. Sorry it's taken us a while to come around, but we really need this resolved and believe you offer the best option. Please let me know if there's any other information you need from me. Thanks!
Vicinity of Holmes Circle in Omaha
Basement seepage
Vicinity of K Circle in Omaha
We are selling our house and need to have our driveway leveled. Would like to get a bid.
Vicinity of MARTHA CIR in Omaha
A new drive was poured at our house a year before we bought the house it is not level and slopes to one spot and is washing the corner of the driveway out
Vicinity of in Omaha
Slab in front of the basement walkout door is slanting in towards the house. Slab in front of the exterior Fourier sunken vs other's around it.
Vicinity of Grover St in Omaha
Water leaking in basement and front stoop shifting due to water flow.
Vicinity of Nina St in Omaha
Driveway concrete cracked and sank allowing water to pool in garage around house foundation. Possible concrete leveling request.
Vicinity of Chicago St. in Omaha
Multiple issues: (1) northeast corner of my foundation has cracks. (2) east side of house is a slab, from driveway to back of house - cracks and uneven, gulleys (no kidding).
Vicinity of Grover St in Omaha
Water leaking in basement and front stoop shifting due to water flow.
Vicinity of N Happy Hollow Blvd in Omaha
Recent water intrusion into the basement 1/2 bathroom. Small amounts of water presumably coming through the foundation in one area. Looking for an estimate to repair and waterproof the area.
Vicinity of Nicholas Street in Omaha
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Jackson Dr in Omaha
Purchased a new house with existing sump pump but it is extremely rusted, would like to get a new one with battery backup installed. Thanks
Vicinity of Corby Street in Omaha
Basement carpets are wet, water seems to be coming up from below.
Vicinity of California St in Omaha
We have a tiny bit of water entering the basement after heavy rains. We'd like to get your thoughts on what is going on. Thanks Rob
Vicinity of in Omaha
Sagging floor joists - possible sinking basement wall needs fixed
Vicinity of in Omaha
We have a leak in the basement floor.
Vicinity of Lamont Street in Omaha
Water intrusion in the SW corner of the basement upon heavy rain. Looking for an eval of the source and options for prevention.
Vicinity of in Omaha
I think a block foundation wall is bowing out
Vicinity of in Omaha
Water in basement
Vicinity of in Omaha
Radon mitigation in crawl space
Vicinity of in Omaha
My driveway/garage is uneven in certain areas and needs to have the joints sealed. There are cracks on some areas also. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Omaha
We have a sinking sidewalk leading to front porch stairs and driveway meeting up with garage due to animal burrowing.
Vicinity of in Omaha
I would like am estimate for installing an egress window.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Selling home. Radon test came back 4.0. Need quote for mitigation.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Basement wall bowing
Vicinity of Bedford Avenue in Omaha
I have 2 large window wells that collect a lot of water. Currently have 2 electric pumps installed and am looking to add battery back-ups.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Cracks in foundation cracks in drywall uneven floors foundation has been repaired in 2008 by olshan but concerned it was not fixed correctly
Vicinity of in Omaha
There is a cracked cinder block on the foundation of my house.
Vicinity of Gold Street in Omaha
Our basement floor drain backs up in heavy rain/snow melt which floods the basement. We would like the basement floor leveled/resloped to flow back the drain in the event of a flood. Also taking a look at the drain to see if there is a fix to stop it from overflowing. Additionally, the drive slopes to the garage a solution/estimate for that also. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Omaha
Foundation appears to be settling, would like estimate to lift.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Wett Basement & foundation repair
Vicinity of Spring St in Omaha
Would like estimate on crack in foundation and disintegrating bricks in garage.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Hello. I'm interested in a quote for 3-4 egress windows for my basement. There are 3 existing smaller windows and we are considering installing 1 additional window. I can provide pictures to show where we would like the windows installed. I'm active duty military stationed overseas (returning to the US this summer) and I'm currently renting out my home in Omaha. I do not currently have a US phone number and will have to correspond primarily via email. My tenant will allow you access to the house for the inspection/survey, but they are not authorized to make decisions on my behalf.
Vicinity of Evans Street in Omaha
I need to have an egress window installed at my house and I would love a quote.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Condition of basement walls and floor Drainage issues Radon check
Vicinity of Madison Street in Omaha
Sidewalk is sliding away from house, sinking sidewalks cracks in upstairs walls
Vicinity of Shirley St in Omaha
Wet carpet and drywall in the basement. No signs that the water is dripping from above. Looks like it is coming up from the foundation.
Vicinity of Farnam St. in Omaha
We live in an 1887 lath-and-plaster home with a concrete foundation, and since moving in over a year ago we've noticed what appear to be many new cracks in our plaster. We need an experienced eye to help us understand how much of this is normal wear-and-tear, and whether any of it may be related to a foundation issue.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Radon- would like to know options
Vicinity of Frances St in Omaha
We would like information about installing two egress windows in our basement and changing out glass blocks to incasement windows.
Vicinity of Pinkney St in Omaha
I'm finding a lot of cracks in the walls
Vicinity of in Omaha
Crack across entire basement wall. Unfinished basement. Crack in ceiling by front door. Crack in drywall under window front of house by front door.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Just want make sure
Vicinity of Grand Ave in Omaha
Just would like to s e how much it would b to waterproof our basement and maybe put some drywall up in one of my basement rooms
Vicinity of Grand Ave in Omaha
Attic space needs spray foam insulation which will require removal of ceiling and old insulation
Vicinity of in Omaha
Radon is a definite health concern.
Vicinity of Cass Street in Omaha
The address listed above is our rental home. We are considering downsizing and selling our family home and moving into our rental duplex. We are getting a home equity loan and we are wanting to make several expensive updates to it but we want to make sure that it would be worth it. We have some foundation concerns and would like to have someone come out to make sure it would be worth the investment. Thank you
Vicinity of in Omaha
Our home is about 100 years old with deteriorating brick walls. I am interested in the Shotlock process and cost for my basement.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Radon test came back positive
Vicinity of Spyglass Dr in Omaha
Basement walls cracking
Vicinity of in Omaha
Water is coming in the basement through a base trim.
Vicinity of Adams Circle in Omaha
We just noticed the other day a large wet spot in our basement..not coming from the ceiling. Water coming up from below, we think. :( We need someone to come out and check it before the weather gets wetter with spring. A free estimate would be much appreciated!
Vicinity of Frederick St in Omaha
I had work done last Aug, including sidewalk leveling. Water is still collecting in the same areas. I have pictures from the snow melt.
Vicinity of in Omaha
I would like to speak to someone about water leaking into my basement and storage area.
Vicinity of Hillsborough Drive in Omaha
We are interested in having an egress window installed in a basement bedroom.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Water is coming into our basement.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Water leaked into my basement after the snow thawled. There are PVC pipes that exit the house on that side I believe.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Leaks in basement coming from floor
Vicinity of in Omaha
Basement foundation
Vicinity of in Omaha
Bought home roughly 1.5 years ago. at the time there was a crack in the ceiling that the home inspector said was nothing to worry about. Recently it has increased in size and I would like it checked out. In light of this I would also like a floor crack in the garage checked out since the same person said that was nothing to worry about either.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Back of the house leaks when it rains
Vicinity of Lafayette Ave in Omaha
I'm concerned about my foundation on my house. I would like someone to come out and take a look at it as soon as possible
Vicinity of Hickory Rd in Omaha
I recently had a radon test during a home inspection and the results came back at 6.9. I am looking for a radon mitigation quote.
Vicinity of R Street in Omaha
Estimate for battery back up basement sump pump system
Vicinity of Polk St in Omaha
Have cracks in block wall
Vicinity of Ellison Ave in Omaha
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: service. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Spencer St in Omaha
Hope you can call next week to set up appointment
Vicinity of Benson Gardens BLVD in Omaha
Basement floor cracks and concern about a corner of my garage.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Need a quote for a egress window as we are getting ready to finish our basement.
Vicinity of Capitol Ave in Omaha
I need your most experienced guy for a mystery water problem and also do a radon test in confidence at a business. Don't email me. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Several cracks in my walls that I want to look into before its a bigger issue.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Current window won't close completely, rot issues, need egress when guests sleep in basement
Vicinity of Cedar St in Omaha
There is a sizable foundation crack in the southwest corner of the house that needs to be repaired; can this be done by removing the old crack filler and providing a new seal, or does the foundation need to be jacked back into place? after looking at the house, can you provide pricing for the least expensive option? thank you,
Vicinity of Pierce Street in Omaha
There is a hump over the I-beam in our house. Noticing cracks in ceilings and walls.
Vicinity of Minne Lusa Blvd. in Omaha
My basement floor is cracked and my main floor is tilted. I just noticed it when I ripped up the carpet. My referrals name is Barbara Howell
Vicinity of Lamont Cir in Omaha
Want to check radon levels
Vicinity of in Omaha
I would like to have our 6 basement windows replaced. 2 are broken, the others are drafty, and I think one is leaking. I want to make sure another is up to code for egress for a planned basement bedroom.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Garage foundation needs repair
Vicinity of Calhoun Road in Omaha
Foundation bowing and water
Vicinity of Grebe St in Omaha
I have garge that needs to be level. very small job, i like to get a free estimate on this
Vicinity of Washington Plaza in Omaha
I have a large basement with an existing radon mitigation vent/fan installed in one corner of the house that was installed when we bought it in 2008. I recently bought a continuous monitor that has indicated an average radon level at about 4.2 pCi/L over 2.5 months. I'd a knowledgeable technician to tell me what my options are to get the level to below 2 pCi/L.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Basement flooded last year. Leaky foundation. Possible mold
Vicinity of Mary Street in Omaha
Fixing the cracked driveway
Vicinity of U Cir in Omaha
Cracks on driveway, need new seal
Vicinity of in Omaha
I need an egress window installed. Nothing fancy, very simple.
Vicinity of Burt Street in Omaha
I have a small (about 3' X 3') section of sidewalk that has lowered towards the front porch of house. Would like to get it leveled.
Vicinity of Nicholas Street in Omaha
Front step from side walk is too high, the sidewalk has settled over the years
Vicinity of V Strret in Omaha
Long deep cracks in my foundation. water damage in my basement.
Vicinity of in Omaha
We are selling our house and had a radon testing done. Testing came back for high amounts of radon we need a quote of getting this fix to complete the sale of the house. We are not sure what we need to actually do. thank you
Vicinity of Terrace Drive in Omaha
I have a small window in the basement that I would like to switch out with an egress. It is on the south side of the house near one corner.
Vicinity of Virginia St in Omaha
Cracked and pushed out concrete block foundation, leaks on multiple spots, proper drainage,egress windows
Vicinity of California St in Omaha
Good Day, About two months ago I had a tree removed in my back yard, when they dropped it, it did some damage to my neighbors back driveway. The damage is about a 3' x3' circle and 1' deep.That's the main job, I would also like to see about how much it would cost to replace my side and back driveway. Thanks Steven P.S. I work overnight so I sleep most of the day, I available from 9am thru 1pm Monday thru Thursday and 9am to 6pm Friday.
Vicinity of Marcy St in Omaha
Water in basement corner
Vicinity of Lakeview St in Omaha
I have a cinder block foundation and the bottom block on the corner of my foundation has a hole and I can see in and looks like it needs fixed
Vicinity of in Omaha
Section of the backyard patio has sunk and angled towards the backdoor. Also section of sidewalk towards front door has cracked and sunk and always collects rainwater.
Vicinity of Wirt in Omaha
3/4 of home's exterior needs to be torn out; need to dig down and replace existing brick foundation; replace exterior brick facade
Vicinity of in Omaha
Leaking from window wells. dampness in corner.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Crack in driveway
Vicinity of Parker St in Omaha
Foundation repair
Vicinity of in Omaha
A friend advised that Thrasher put in concrete steps at a home in Omaha. Not sure if this is something you do on a regular basis or just part of an overall project. I have 2 steps that need to be replaced but for the price of just that, I am curious about precast steps. Does Thrasher do precast steps or know of anyone who does? Thank you!
Vicinity of Elm St. in Omaha
We need some leveling done on our driveway, and need the joints sealed.
Vicinity of in Omaha
Pre-Sale House inspection says Radon level is 4.3 (or 9.3 ?) pCi/L
Vicinity of Browne Cir in Omaha
There's a foundation crack I would like looked at.
Vicinity of in Omaha
I have water that is entering a crawl space and a corner of my basement. Seems like it might be entering near the porch in the front of my house.
Vicinity of Cooper Street in Omaha
Our garage floor, entry approach & drivewayare sunken & cracked. We are getting estimates to lift & level to the original condition as intended. We are working on our new patio, and perimeter wall at the present time but driveway, garage & entry concrete leveling are on our bucket list of things we need to address in future improvements. We would like a quote from Tharsher too. Thank you, Dave G.
Vicinity of in Omaha
I need some concrete sidewalk raised at front entrance and rear patio