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Does your home or commercial property have bowing foundation walls, sinking concrete slabs, or leaky windows in the basement? There is no reason to worry — Thrasher Foundation Repair is your trusted expert, providing solutions for these problems and so much more since 1975.

Contact Thrasher Foundation Repair to schedule a free inspection and cost estimate on any of our reliable services, including basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, and concrete repair. We proudly serve Overland Park, KS and nearby areas.

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I am excited and have a peace of mind
Testimonial by Melodie H. from Overland Park, KS
Isaac and Ian have exceeded my expectations!
Testimonial by Rob B. from Overland Park, KS
Thrasher was so professional! I was so happy with the work and surprised how cheap it was to add tons of...
Testimonial by Doug Y. from Overland Park, KS
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Durable home foundation repairs in Overland Park

No matter how small the foundation damage may seem, problems can worsen and impact other areas of a home or building, leading to issues like sticking windows and doors, cracked drywall, a tilting chimney, and moisture intrusion. From cracked foundation floors to bowing basement walls and foundation settlement, Thrasher Foundation Repair provides permanent solutions for these structural problems and more.

Home Foundation Problems We Fix:

  • Foundation settlement & sinking
  • Sticking windows & doors
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Tilting & bowing walls
  • Cracked foundation walls & floors
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Uneven floors

Our House Foundation Repair Products:

  • Crawl space support posts
  • Push piers & helical piers
  • Wall anchors
  • Street creep repairs
  • Foundation wall brace & beams
  • Carbon fiber wall straps
  • Foundation settlement repair
  • Foundation crack repair

Schedule a free foundation inspection and service estimate to get personalized repair solutions for your property. We proudly serve Overland Park and nearby areas in Kansas.

Lasting basement waterproofing system in Overland Park

If your home or building has damp walls, excess condensation, mold, or other moisture intrusion problems, contact the basement waterproofing experts at Thrasher Foundation Repair.

We can eliminate basement flooding and leaking with a patented waterproofing system customized to suit any property, creating a dry below-grade space and keeping it that way for years to come! We proudly serve Overland Park and nearby areas in Kansas.

Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection and service estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Overland Park and nearby areas in Kansas.

Our basement waterproofing system includes:

  • Interior drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Mold treatment
  • Dehumidifiers

Crawl space repair & encapsulation services in Overland Park

Do you have a musty, wet, and humid crawl space in your home or building? Don’t deal with the mess on your own. Contact the crawl space encapsulation and repair professionals at Thrasher Foundation Repair! We provide a suite of crawl space solutions designed to create a drier, more secure area, including a moisture-proof vapor barrier, crawl space doors, crawl space support jacks, and more.

Concrete repair & concrete leveling experts in Overland Park

If you’re tired of sinking, cracked driveways, pool decks, sidewalks, or other concrete slabs around your property, contact the concrete repair professionals at Thrasher Foundation Repair. We offer simple, innovative solutions that are far superior to the standard mudjacking or concrete replacement. Our cracked concrete repair, concrete leveling, and concrete sealing systems install with no mess and no stress. Plus, they are quick to cure, so you can use your slabs soon after installation.

Never worry about UV rays, debris, gas, water, or other liquids ruining your slabs. Our solutions are incredibly durable and address the underlying cause of concrete damage, meaning you get lasting results that save you money!

Schedule a free concrete repair estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Overland Park and the surrounding areas.

Our concrete repair solutions:

  • PolyLevel® concrete leveling
  • NexusPro™ cracked concrete repair
  • SealantPro™ concrete sealing
  • Commercial concrete repairs
  • Driveway repairs
  • Pool deck leveling
  • Sidewalk repairs
  • Step repairs

The Thrasher Difference.

No matter the job - we aren't going to feel good about the hard work we've done until you're happy. So we'll do it right or make it right. That's the Thrasher promise.

For the last 45 years in the basement and foundation repair industry, we've focused on the value of doing whatever it takes to get the job done and "wow" our customers every step of the way.

Explore The Thrasher Difference

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Case Studies From Overland Park
This 3-story office building in Overland Park had settled to the point that a window cracked. Thrasher received a call from a local engineering...
100-year-old Brick Chimney Pulling Away From House, Repaired A gap between your chimney and exterior wall is a symptom of foundation settlement...
The basement wall in this home was cracked and leaking into the workshop. It is often necessary to remove finished walls to determine if there are...
If we encounter unexpected conditions on your project, Thrasher Foundation Repair has the adaptability and expertise to develop and implement...
Recent job requests in Overland Park, KS

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66221

Concrete driveway near lip of garage has sunk 2-3 inches creating a significant bump to go over when entering the garage.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66210

The west foundation wall is bowing. This has caused drywall damage in the home. It is 1/2 of a duplex. The previous owners installed a deadman anchor system, but this has not held the wall in place.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66212

Been having increasing cracking in walls around the house. Would like to know if this is a foundation issue and if so what repairs are recommended, what the cost would be, and what warranty would apply to the work.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66212

Water issue in the basement.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66207

We have a lot of settling happening around the house. Cracks in walls around windows and doors and across ceiling.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66223

Crack in foundation caused leaking in basement. We've already removed the concrete and dug a trench. Need help with replacing drain tile and fixing crack.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66221

We have concrete that has cracked near the foundation of the house. Looking to get it leveled up

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66213

I have new cracks developing in my my basement and garage. Noticing some drywall issues (minor but growing) on the rest of the house.

Neighborhood: Century Ln, Overland Park, 66210

Some cracking in foundation and seeping with heavy rain. Also some floor buckling.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66221

Home has a couple areas where floor and door have shifted some. Would just like someone to come look at it and see adding topsoil to improve the grade would be beneficial.

Neighborhood: Oakmont St, Overland Park, 66210

There are cracks in our basement. We have an engineer report.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66221

Hi. The top of our driveway and the sidewalk that runs from the driveway to our front steps have both sunk in comparison to the height of the garage entry. We would like you to take a look and offer suggestions please. Thank you!

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66212

Purchased home in July 2020 with known previous basement foundation repair. Noticing new drywall cracks since purchase. Looking for professional opinion of solutions to identified issues during inspection.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66212

Driveway possible resurfacing and mudjacking

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66213

Cracks are showing around house and window frames and siding is coming apart. We were told that one side of our home is sinking.

Neighborhood: Hadley Street, Overland Park, 66210

Getting some water leaking into the corner of the basement. Also can see some bowing in an outside wall.

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66210

Driveway lift

Neighborhood: Overland Park, 66207

Service: Foundation cracks or sinking

Neighborhood: Valley View Dr, Overland Park, 66212

Crawlspace needs attention

Neighborhood: Perry Street, Overland Park, 66213

Drive way needs lifting + possible wlakway lifting garage floor cracking needs repair
Job Stories From Overland Park, KS
Foundation Support in Overland Park, KS

This homeowner has been experiencing sagging floors and cracks in their dry wall. They want to maintain the property value and not have major issues in the future. He knew of Thrasher and our reputation, so he gave us a call. System Design Specialist, Allie Packard, came out to meet with them. Allie did her inspection and found the foundation was settling from the beams in the basement, which was causing the floor to sag. Allie went back to the homeowner to give him the explanation of what the issue was and why it was happening. He really appreciated the thoroughness of the inspection. Allie then went through the solution that would be best to solve the issue and what was best for the homeowner. He loved this solution, so we installed two supplemental beams and four smart jacks in order to raise the floor back into place. There is no doubt the homeowner has peace of mind for the foundation of his home. 

Concrete Repair in Overland Park, KS

Trevor and Joseph moved in last November. They plan on this being their forever home. Since moving in, they have noticed some settling and cracking throughout the driveway and walkway. Although there was some piers and wall support done previously, they wanted everything inspected. Their primary concern is to make sure that structurally everything is in good shape. They also want to make sure there are no trip hazards and that everything looks good aesthetically. They were referred to Thrasher by a colleague, and between that and online reviews, they knew they didn't need to look any further. System Design Specialist, Brandon Powers, came out to meet with them. Brandon did his inspection and found the poor soil compaction and erosion caused the concrete to settle and crack. Brandon took these findings back to Trevor and Joseph with a solution in hand. To fix their problem areas, we used our 3 Part Concrete Protection System. This includes; Polylevel to lift, level, and stabilize concrete, NexusPro to seal all joints and cracks, and SealantPro to deal the seal the concrete. These products together help stabilize the concrete, prevent any more washout, and prevent pitting and spalling of the top of the concrete. They loved this solution and we sent out our installation team. There is no doubt Trevor and Joseph have the peace of mind they need and deserve in their forever home! 

Front Step Repair in Overland Park, KS

These homeowners thought their front steps were looking bad. They wanted a good company with a good reputation to find a solution for them. They called Thrasher and System Design Specialist, Jimmy Hungerford, came out to meet them. After doing the free inspection, Jimmy proposed we use PolyLevel to lift and level the steps back into place, and Nexus Pro to seal the cracking. The homeowners were so thrilled after the work was completed. They told us how great it looked and wanted more work done on other areas in the future! There is no doubt these homeowners have no more worries of their steps looking bad for their guests. 

Concrete Repair in Overland Park, KS

This homeowner saw a crack forming in his driveway and some settling happening by his garage. He knew this was a tripping hazard and decided to call Thrasher. He knew of our professionalism and knew we could help him. One of our System Design Specialists, Josh Krestine, met with this homeowner. Josh found a couple of things leading to the cracking and dropping of the concrete. He explained there was poor soil compaction, on top of water coming from the downspouts plus natural rain, causing the soil to become soft and the heavy concrete to sink. Josh proposed we use our PolyLevel foam to lift the concrete. The PolyLevel is waterproof and allows us to life and stabilize concrete for a long period of tine. This will eliminate trip hazards and damage to tires on cars. The homeowner loved this proposal, and loved the work even more when completed. He was surprised how cheap it was to add so much protection to his driveway! 

Overland Park, KS Concrete Repair

A homeowner in Overland Park, KS was looking to keep up with the aesthetics of her home. The front porch was settling and breaking away from the home.

Upon inspection, the Thrasher crew was able to recommend PolyLevel. We injected the settled areas with the foam and were able to raise it back up to the original level.

Concrete Repaired in Overland Park, KS

Previously mudjacked concrete was causing problems for a homeowner in Overland Park, KS. He was noticing that areas were settling again and that critters were digging underneath the concrete.

The Thrasher crew fixed the concrete with 3 of our concrete repair products. We started with leveling the concrete with PolyLevel, creating a level surface. Then we applied NexusPro Joint Sealant to close up the cracks and joints to prevent water from entering again. The we put a protective sealer called SealantPro over the top of the whole area to protect the concrete from future staining and elements.

Flooded Basement in Overland Park, KS Fully Waterproofed

A homeowner in Overland Park, KS had his basement remolded a couple of years ago and noticed cracks forming. He had epoxy injects done as a temporary fix, but water was coming through. The basement had some major flooding and he had to pull up the carpet. Looking for a more permanent solution that would last, he called Thrasher.

The crew identified that water was coming in through cold joints and the sump pump hasn’t been replaced. We waterproofed the basement with WaterGuard and installed a TripleSafe Sump Pump with a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier. This homeowner was happy to have the water under control and have his basement back to normal.

Settled Concrete is Lifted in Overland Park, KS

A homeowner in Overland Park, KS was having problems with some of their concrete slabs settling due to a sump pump. Looking for a long term solution, they gave us a call.

We were able to provide a solution to lift and protect their concrete. We used a combination of PolyLevel that lifted and filled the voids. Then we applied NexusPro to keep water out and seal the joints.

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