Steel beams are installed vertically against the wall and anchored to the floor joists above and to the concrete floor below.

Thrasher Foundation Repair used steel beams to repair this bowing wall.

The front wall of this house was pushed in 5 inches due to improper drainage and grading. This caused large cracks throughout the wall and allowed water to enter the basement.

This is the second house we have worked on for this customer. He was so pleased with the work we did on his home that he hired us again to work on his rental property.

Thrasher Foundation Repair began the repair by excavating the wall so that it could be pushed back into place. This was especially difficult since there was a stoop that the homeowner did not want us to remove. Without removing the stoop, we were not able to excavate the entire wall. However, the crack pattern was such that it allowed us to get the wall almost completely plumb by using house jacks. After the wall was straightened, we installed steel beam vertical wall restraints to prevent the wall from pushing in again in the future. Waterproofing was accomplished by installing a drain mat on the outside of the wall, as well as a drain tile system and sump pump.

Kansas City Bowed Wall Repair – Before – Pier Masters in KC, Missouri
Kansas City Bowed Wall Repair – After – Foundation Repair by Pier Masters