Bowed walls caused significant structural damage, as well as water issues.

Thrasher Foundation Repair repaired the bowed foundation walls and installed an exterior waterproofing system.

Improper drainage and the resulting increased hydrostatic pressure of over-saturated soil damaged the foundation of this Kansas City home, pushing a basement wall in over 3” and causing cracks to appear. After getting multiple bids for the bowed wall repair, the homeowner chose Thrasher Foundation Repair because of our use of International Code Council-rated, pre-engineered helical tiebacks, our ability to quickly test for and calculate load capacities and, unfortunately, a failed repair by another foundation company.

It’s not uncommon in the Kansas City area to experience water infiltration and basement walls pushing in. Thrasher Foundation Repair has many options to address water issues, such as using French drains in the yard and exterior and/or interior drainage systems around the foundation, and various engineered wall restraint methods and systems.  In this case, our repair consisted of:  wall straightening with helical tiebacks; carbon fiber reinforcement to restore lost structural integrity at foundation cracks and to stabilize the wall permanently from future inward movement; and exterior waterproofing to reduce future excess hydrostatic pressure build-up and to address the root cause of the foundation failure in the first place.

In order to straighten the severely bowed wall, Thrasher Foundation Repair recommended that 8 helical tiebacks be installed. The installation process involved excavating along the exterior of the affected wall, coring through the wall from inside the basement so that the anchors could be installed, then installing the anchors into load-bearing soil. The wall was then straightened and permanently held in place by the helical tieback anchors. Finally, an exterior waterproofing system was installed prior to putting the soil back along the wall.

Kansas City Wall Tiebacks and Exterior Drainage
After the tiebacks were installed, an exterior drainage system was installed to move water away from the foundation.
kansas city wall tiebacks and carbon fiber
Tiebacks are a good alternative to I-beams. As seen in this photo, they are less intrusive, with just a plate on the wall that doesn’t protrude into the basement.

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